Delta’s corporate mission is “To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow” by continuously implementing world-class corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.

Delta’s Commitments and Actions:

Regulatory compliance :

Delta complies with or surpass both domestic and international environmental, safety and health regulations and requirements, as well as actively responds to international initiatives and voluntary commitment.

Environmental protection and Energy Conservation:

Delta continuously promotes, follow up and review efficient use of energy and natural resources to reduce waste, prevent pollution and improve environmental performance

Safety and Health Enhancement:

Delta identifies and manages environmental, safety and health risks to create a work environment that promotes personnel health and prevents occupational injuries and disease.

Product Responsibility:

Delta invests in green research and development to develop environmental-friendly products to conserve the planet’s resources and alleviate the impact on the environment.

Collective Awareness Enhancement:

Delta encourages workers participation and awareness to help eliminate hazards and reduce environmental, safety, and health risk.

Internal and External Communication Strengthening:

Delta strengthens communication and advocate with stakeholders and with their participation. Delta continues to improve and advance the performance in the management of environmental safety and health.

Environmental Policy Download
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