Energy Storage Systems

Power cuts and power shortage issues can increase a building or facility’s maintenance costs, damage vital equipment and cause loss of irreplaceable data. Energy storage solutions can help stabilize your grid power with peak shaving and backup your renewable energy systems, thus taking the stress out of your life and helping you grow your business, cut costs and hit green targets with reliable, flexible and quality power supply on demand

With state-of-the-art power conversion and energy storage technologies, Delta’s Energy Storage System (ESS) offers high-efficiency power conditioning capabilities for demand management, power dispatch, renewable energy smoothing. You get a complete solution with our ESS which integrates bi-directional power conditioning and battery devices, site controllers, and a cloud management system to offer comprehensive energy storage for residential, commercial and utility applications.

And if you only require battery energy storage, you can choose from our comprehensive Li-ion battery portfolio which covers cells, modules (24V, 48V), cabinets (indoor/outdoor) and containers. Our wide variety of choices offers you excellent scalability and adaptability to a wide variety of requirements. You even have the option to create your own customized battery pack design available upon request.

Delta Energy Storage Solutions

ESS System

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