Smart Surveillance -Delta SmartPASS.

Smart Surveillance -Delta SmartPASS

Delta's SmartPASS (smart parking management solution, smart access control, smart surveillance solution) provides an outstanding smart and secure field management system.

Delta's parking solution combines ultra-wide-angle license plate recognition with RFID technology and uses machine learning features to provide accurate identification, even for the oblique angles of wide parking lot entrances and exits. By overcoming environmental factors and eliminating possible human omissions, Delta’s parking lot solution achieves optimal license plate recognition results, effectively improving the efficiency of entrance and exit control. Sensing data and artificial intelligence algorithms analyze the behavior patterns of vehicles collected in the field and detect abnormal conditions to prevent potential operational risk, which achieves the goal of fully automating the management of parking lots.


Delta's access control solution combines facial recognition and RFID technology and utilizes human resources data that has been stripped of sensitive personal information that might evoke privacy concerns, as well as individual behavior records regarding access control, time and attendance, and trajectory tracking.

SmartPASS analyzes employee behavior patterns using data analysis and AI algorithms, and explores abnormal situations that are difficult to detect by human management, and prevents potential operational risks before occurring. The access control system controls the access rights of personnel, while intelligent video analysis technology detects field risk, plus an instant notification function enhances field security.

Moving paths of personnel and vehicles are tracked by the centralized management system to facilitate the Searching, Tracking and Retracing of personnel and vehicles, as well as to provide meaningful statistics to analyze personnel and vehicle behaviors. Delta’s SmartPASS provides more comprehensive and effective management approaches and tools.