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ICT Infrastructure

Today’s new normal represents a paradigm shift in the way we work and live. Whether you’re a manufacturer, agribusiness or a service provider, your business must tap into the power of big data to be competitive in the digital era. Digital infrastructure supporting the growth of data includes cloud service, colocation data centers and on-premise data centers. Meanwhile, Data-driven AI, robotics and IoT automation all make your smart manufacturing, smart surveillance or smart green buildings a reality and allow you to take advantage of big data and machine learning.

Video calling with your colleagues during work from home or your family will be faster and more interactive with 5G technology providing high speed and real-time streaming and video communication. At the same time, edge computing technology will help to reduce latency and boost efficiency for your IoT communications and operations.

As power experts, we’re here to work with you to design and create customized, reliable, flexible, manageable, and energy-efficient data centers with Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) lower than 1.5. We’ll help you choose and deploy the right Delta’s InfraSuite Datacenter Infrastructure Solutions products for your needs and goals including: power systems, racks & accessories, precision cooling, and environment management systems.

Delta’s InfraSuite Solutions for data centers supports the digital transformation of businesses of all sizes in industries like computer services, telecommunications, transportation, semiconductor and mixed manufacturing around the world.

Delta’s broad portfolio of indoor and outdoor telecom power systems and uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) helps Telecom companies to build the infrastructure for 5G roll out. Our networking systems enable stable and secure communications at data center and factories. Hospitals, banks and manufacturers can back up their data centers and mission critical systems with Delta’s small to heavy duty UPS.