Smart Street Light

Smart Street Light Delta provides a total solution for sustainable cities through the integration of the DeltaGrid® communication platform, which collects data locally from connected high-efficiency LED street lights and sends it to cloud servers via 3G/GPRS. This system enables real-time on/off control, dimming, status and active failure reporting of city-wide LED lighting networks for energy saving and better maintenance productivity. This proven technology has been successfully implemented in major projects for New Taipei City and Taoyuan City in Taiwan with more than 10,000 smart LED street lights.

High luminous efficacy connected LED street lights

Delta has produced more than 400,000 LED street lights worldwide. With more than 20 years’ experience in lighting power and Ethernet/IP networking design capabilities, Delta provides highly efficient and reliable connected LED street lights.

DeltaGrid® communication platform

DeltaGrid is a communication platform designed for Smart Grid related applications. The platform is comprised of three major subsystems, as below, to provide an energy infrastructure network between application and sensors / devices.

  • Head End (HE) / Communication Server
  • Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) / Data Collector (DC)
  • Communication Module (CM)

Compared to Internet of Things (IoT) system architecture, the three subsystems can be mapped respectively to application gateway, sensor gateway and sensor network, which connects terminal devices in the field and the application server in the cloud.

In a vertical solution perspective, DeltaGrid provides a flexible communication technology combination with modularized software / firmware designed to fulfill the requirements of various applications and for different communication environments. When DeltaGrid solves communication issues, customers can focus on their value-added application software development.

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