Rubber & Plastics

Rubber and plastics are common materials used in our daily lives as well as in national defense and aerospace technology to vehicles, machinery, electronics, and buildings. As the global green economy and eco-awareness are rising, new materials, technology and applications are accelerating the development and transformation of the rubber & plastics industry.

Delta is dedicated to the rubber and plastics industry contributing years of experience in power, electronics, and industrial automation. Delta offers a broad range of products, such as heavy-load AC motor drives, PLCs, HMIs, temperature controllers, power meters and industrial power supplies, an all-electric injection molding machine solution (including control panels, specific controllers, AC servo drives & motors, and temperature controllers) and a hybrid energy-saving injection molding solution (including control panels, specific controllers, AC servo drives & motors, oil pumps and temperature controllers). Delta’s wide range of offerings fulfill the requirement for energy-saving, precise, high-speed and efficient system control for the rubber and plastic equipment.

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