Energy Storage Solutions

Delta's Energy Storage Solutions can be applied to a wide range of power generation, transmission and distribution, and consumption systems. It can enhance the reliability and stability of the grid at the power generation end, regulate power between generator, renewable energy, and loads, thus relieve the pressure on the grid caused by imbalances in supply and demand and unexpected events.

It is even more versatile for commercial and industrial users, with energy storage system in place, buildings and factories can optimize energy efficiency through peak-shaving, load shifting, PV self-consumption, demand response, and backup power in case of emergencies.

  • High-efficiency power conditioning capabilities for demand management, power dispatching, renewable energy smoothing, and more
  • Integrates bi-directional power conditioning systems, battery system, site controllers, and an energy management system
  • A full range of power conditioning system product lines, covering capacities from 100kW to 3.7MW, which can integrate different types of batteries for various energy storage applications
  • Renewable power plants
  • Traditional power plants
  • Power transmission and distribution systems
  • Commercial buildings
  • Factories
  • EV charging stations
  • Microgrid

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