energy infrastructure

Energy Infrastructure & Industrial Solutions

In our changing world, we’re all trying to get more from our limited energy resources and overcome climate change challenges. We need more reliable, efficient and environment friendly energy infrastructure to power our factories, offices and homes. That’s why it’s the perfect time to embrace green energy infrastructure and contribute to an efficient smart grid that powers your high performance Industry 4.0 operations and creates a greener planet for our future generations. 

You can start reaping the benefits of efficient green energy infrastructure and the smart grid today with Delta´s energy infrastructure solutions including: EV charging, energy storage systems, renewable energy and high power motor drives. If you want to create an energy efficient green factory or green building, we can help you save energy costs and reach carbon reduction targets by installing solar energy rooftop systems, with our ultra-efficient PV string inverters, that generate renewable energy for your operations. And you can secure your renewable energy supply with our energy storage systems, energy storage cabinet to energy storage container, and power conditioning solutions.  

If you want to enjoy the power of silent and emissions-free e-mobility, Delta has a full range of EV charging solutions that support EV owners and EV charging station operators. As a pioneer of DC fast charging in Southeast Asia, Delta Thailand installs safe, modular, scalable, ultra-efficient and compatible DC quick chargers and EV charging site management systems. As an official EV charging partner for top global EV brands, Delta offers EV home charging solutions for EV owners to safely, conveniently and efficiently charge every day.    

Enjoy the proven advantages of Delta’s local expertise, service and value to create the energy infrastructure that powers your dreams of better TCO, increased performance and green operations every day!