Building Automation

Building Automation

Global pandemics, air pollution and climate change make it more important than ever to create safe, healthy, clean and convenient indoor environments at our workplaces and homes. Today’s new normal can be a catalyst for you to create more energy-efficient and smart green buildings that harness the power of IoT and building automation technology.   

If you’re looking to optimize your building’s performance and efficiently manage processes, Delta offers you innovative building automation solutions with building management software, intelligent video surveillance technologies, building control, high-efficiency LED drivers and luminaries for smart lighting. You can use our integrated products to form a seamless building management platform and get optimal building performance and energy efficient operations in your HVAC, water, elevator and lighting systems.

Choosing Delta’s building automation solutions gives you a wide range of building management and control products, in multi-protocol support, with leading building automation technologies from our subsidiaries Delta Controls and LOYTEC. Create efficient and livable indoor spaces in commercial buildings, airports, hotels and shopping malls with intuitive user interface building management software, programmable controllers, gateways, touch panels, lighting controllers and room controllers.

For outdoor lighting, you can choose from Delta’s smart street light solutions including LED drivers, industrial luminaires and control. Delta’s intelligent surveillance solutions can help you get 24/7 security at your buildings and facilities and record designated area occupants for social distancing and customer behavior analytics. 

Whatever your smart green building goals are, we’re ready to support you with our solutions and services including lighting design, energy-saving plans for smart lighting systems, technical support and project management.