R&D investment in the past 5 years

Unit 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Total R&D investment MTHB 2042.7 2713.2 2620.5 3165.3 3,742

R&D headcount per location

Locations 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Thailand 535 590 583 716 765
Europe 295 347 365 376 455
India 245 293 302 281 288
Total 1,075 1,230 1,250 1,373 1,508

Promoting innovation in the organization

Delta Innovation Award

Delta Group has been organizing the Delta Innovation Award annually since 2008 to encourage and recognize effective innovation designs among Delta employees worldwide. The selected works will be used to further develop the company's innovations. There are 4 types of competitions and the evaluation criteria are as follows:

  • Intellectual Property (IP): Invention and/or establishment of high quality IP portfolios with clear business value
  • New Product: New technology applications, or system architecture, or increase in product competitiveness and added-value to customers
  • Manufacturing: Innovation in manufacturing for higher quality, productivity, and lower total costs
  • New Business Model / New Business Process: Innovation in business model or functional processes such as R&D, marketing, procurement, logistics, and integration for better business efficiency and effectiveness

DET Patents Recognition Ceremony

To recognize and appreciate the accomplishment on patents of DET inventors, company has set up “DET Patents Recognition Ceremony”. It is a special occasion to thank our employee for the all the effort that they have put in to our company.

At the same time, the inventors also take the chances to present and share their achievement to the team.

Delta Implements the First VTScada Facility Management Control System in Southeast Asia

Delta Thailand successfully implemented the first Facility Management Control System (FMCS) powered by VTScada in Southeast Asia at the Delta Plant 7 in Wellgrow Industrial Estate.

VTScada software is an industry-leading SCADA software developed by Trihedral, a Canadian company in the Delta Group.

The VTScada-powered system at Delta Plant 7 aims to greatly improve facility management and reduce energy consumption in all operations. Managers can leverage the powerful system for detailed and flexible monitoring and reporting of energy consumption data and get optimal automated control of the plant's HVAC system. In addition, real-time data and paperless operation greatly reduces on-site work and allows managers to make better-informed decisions onsite.

In 2021, Delta Thailand’s Industrial Automation team introduced the VTScada to the Thailand market and started its first application project that combines VTScada with the Delta energy management software (EMS) DIAEnergie.

The combined SCADA and EMS offer a perfect platform for control of Delta’s industrial automation products in a complete facility management solution.

Delta Thailand’s Industrial Automation team developed its own original FMCS at Delta Plant 7 leveraging its ability to provide expert local support and competitive pricing compared with other providers in the market. Another key to the project’s success is the excellent working relationship between Delta’s engineering team and all stakeholders.

Social and Environmental Innovation

Smart Farm for Community Enterprises

Delta Thailand held a grand opening ceremony for the Delta’s first Smart Farm Solution for community enterprises in Thailand. The Delta Smart Farm is a part of a BOI project called Investment Promotion Measures for Grassroots Economy.

The Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) and the Praeksa Municipal government are also involved in this joint project that aims to promote investment to support community enterprises and boost the competitiveness of Thailand’s grassroots economy.

The IoT-driven Delta Smart Farm Solution is specifically designed, it features the world-class VTScada software control platform with integrated Delta industrial automation devices. The solution leverages automation to improve efficiency, reduce labor and save water. The solar rooftop system that is used 100% for the Smart Farm operations.

A Reverse Osmosis water treatment system enables wastewater reuse to cut down on total water usage. This water reuse system only has 10-20% water consumption compared with normal requirements. It also reduced the growing time from 40-45 days to only 35 days, with more consistent weight and quality of produce. The resulting output can generate income for the community up to THB 8,000-10,000 per month.

We expect this project to grow into a viable business model while improving quality and standardizing its agricultural products to eventually move up in the market.

We hope that this groundbreaking project can be the start of a totally new smart farming model that revolutionizes Thailand’s agricultural sector and benefits communities across the country.

Smart Water Level Monitoring System for Flood Prevention at Bangpoo Industrial Estate

As part of its commitment to the community, Delta leverages its innovation to respond to social needs. The rapid urbanization in the coastal Bangpoo and Praksa areas has disrupted the water flow in the local canal network.

In 2020, heavy rainfall caused floods in the Export Zone of the Bangpoo Industrial Estate. To address this issue, Delta donated and implemented more Smart Water Level Monitoring Systems to further support flood prevention measures.

The Smart Water Level Monitoring System which leverages Delta’s industrial cloud router and DIACloud service to offer precise monitoring and control for pump stations. This will help provide the Bangpoo Industrial Estate’s more precise data on water levels in the canal network to prevent flooding.

Delta Thailand Launches the Country’s First Net Zero Container Showroom

Delta Thailand held a grand opening ceremony for the Delta Thailand Net Zero Container Showroom at Amata City Chonburi. The theme of Delta’s 100% renewable energy showcase is smart, green energy for the RE100 era.

Delta’s Net Zero Energy Solution includes an solar rooftop array and one Delta 40kW wall mount PV inverter that can generate up to 38kWh a day to store in a 57.6kWh battery system for 24/7 usage.

A Battery Management System (BMS) enables optimal power consumption by monitoring available energy and controlling power consumption from lighting and the VRV (Variable Regulating Valve) air conditioner according to real usage.

The container showroom demonstrates Delta’s concept of “Smart Wellbeing” for buildings with the Delta Smart Building Management Solution that leverages room controllers and a control panel to manage lighting, HVAC and temperature via BACnet protocol and monitor air quality with sensors via MODBUS protocol. Delta building automation includes facial recognition and intelligent surveillance for security and COVID-19 prevention while HEPA filter ventilation provides fresh pollution-free air and keeps CO2 and PM 2.5 levels down.

Delta’s scalable and modular Datacenter Solution serves as the brain of the smart building that handles all the data from security, lighting, environment and EV charging. The modular data center stores the CCTV security and display video data from the showroom and smart pole and features remote management capabilities. Delta’s modular data center solution supports high-efficiency and high-density applications. Visit 360 Virtual Net Zero Container Showroom at https://netzero.deltathailand.com

Delta relentlessly pursues leading innovation for customers, world-class industry standards and a RE100 target of 100% renewable electricity in global operations by 2030. This commitment helps it deliver on the brand promise: Smarter. Greener. Together.