R&D investment in the past 5 years

Unit 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Total R&D investment MTHB 2692.3 2042.7 2713.2 2620.5 3165.3
R&D investment as % of Sales % of Sales 5.50% 3.85% 5.30% 4.15% 3.75%

R&D headcount per location

Locations 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Thailand 480 535 590 583 716
Europe 273 295 347 365 376
India 154 245 293 302 281
Total 907 1,075 1,230 1,250 1,373

Research and Development (R&D)

Delta continued our R&D investments, focusing specifically on our fast-growing businesses. We achieved fine tuning and expansion of our product lines along with continued optimization of our product’s key features, efficiency, power density and digital intelligence.

Delta R&D increased the application range and customer base respectively of its power technology products like industrial wireless charging, combined charge units for electro-mobility and power solutions for artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

R&D knowledge and professionalism is the key to Delta’s competitiveness and leadership in green environment-friendly and efficient energy saving power devices. Delta has a worldwide network of R&D centers located in Asia and Europe.

In addition, Delta R&D globally engaged in cooperation with renowned universities. Delta participates in several research programs to ensure sustainable growth with cutting-edge technology. This collaboration is tremendously beneficial in supporting the creation of new innovative and green ideas and strengthening our Delta R&D expertise.

Social and Environmental Innovation

Delta’s Solar Water Pump Solution to Support Thailand’s Rural Development

Delta developed an original solar power electric water pump solution, for a customer providing well water to remote communities, supporting the Thailand government’s rural development policy. Delta developed this solar power water pump solution for lifting liquid from low to high levels in applications such as village wells. The solution utilizes solar energy, which is converted into electrical energy through photovoltaic panels. Delta’s standard compact vector control drive and inverter manages the alternating current or direct current used in this system and adjusts the output power as well as the speed of the water pump.

A major advantage of Delta’s solar water pump solution is that it uses clean renewable energy at no cost. With no recurring cost for solar power electricity, the Delta product can reduce total energy consumption by over 40% and also has an integrated controller that reduces costs compared with other brands that require a separate controller. It also features a Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) function for over 20% more efficiency.

Delta’s EV Charging, PV Inverter and Data Center Solutions

At the virtual ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2021 event, Delta introduced the 200kW Ultra-Fast EV Charger to the Thailand market. This multi-vehicle ultra-fast DC charger offers EV drivers the convenience of charging up to four cars at the same time. This new charger has two charge points for DC quick charging (up to 200kW) and two charge points for AC charging (2x22kW) to maximize individual charge rates and reduce waiting times.

Delta also introduced the M100A_280 PV Inverter to the Thailand market. It has a peak efficiency of 98.7% and built-in and replaceable AC and DC-side Type II SPDs (surge protection devices). This inverter has 8 MPP trackers for optimum energy harvest on commercial rooftops with multiple angles and a wide input voltage range from 200-1100V.

In addition, Delta displayed the POD data center solution, recently awarded with Uptime Tier III Ready certification. Delta’s POD solution leverages a fully modular design concept to offer pay-as-you-grow flexibility with short installation time to meet the rapidly growing needs of data storage and processing. All subsystems, such as modular UPS, power distribution, battery, cooling, containment, DCIM are integrated, standardized and reliable.

Delta’s Robot Solution Enables Safe Touchless Celebration

At Songkran 2021, Delta developed an original robot solution to enable a safe touchless Songkran Festival at the Metropolitan Electricity Authority head office.

We commissioned the original solution that allows users to make traditional water offerings with just one hand swipe and welcome in the Thai New Year. Users swipe their hand over a Delta industrial automation sensor to activate a DRV90L Delta 6-Axis Articulated Robot that automatically performs the water pouring ritual.

Delta innovation helps actualize the ‘New Normal’ Songkran Festival concept that leverages our industrial automation solution for touchless festivities. This demonstrates both the unique versatility of the Delta industrial robot and our capability to implement seamless integration of all our own automation devices in a complete solution that helps Thais have a more safe and productive life despite COVID.

Delta’s Mobile Power Brand Innergie Launches Eco-friendly Campaign in Thailand to Combat E-Waste

Last year, Innergie, a brand of Delta, has launched a new eco-friendly campaign to offer flexible and efficient mobile power products and combat the growing e-waste problem in Thailand.

The new Innergie Trade-In Campaign offers the best way for customers to properly dispose of unused/defective adapters. This special campaign offers benefits to the environment and customer’s mobile lifestyle. Innergie’s campaign also supports customers who shop consciously by offering a “One For All” series adapter that can be used for every device including laptops, tablets, phones. Innergie enables users to meet all their charging needs with just one high-quality adapter.

As a global leader in power electronics, Delta provides “smarter” products and solutions with high efficiency. Mobile power brand Innergie leverages Delta innovation to create a greener and more environment-friendly way of life in Thailand. Innergie is committed to protecting the earth with our customers and stakeholders. According to Pollution Control Department, the amount of e-waste in Thailand is estimated to be more than 400,000 tons every year and this figure is predicted to increase exponentially every year

In the digital era, many users have multiple mobile devices with different types of chargers. Innergie develops multi-purpose chargers with flexible power ranges to reduce the number of chargers customers use.

Delta’s SCADA Solution for Flood Prevention

At the end of August 2021, heavy rain in the industrial estate again tested Delta's ability to cope with crisis from natural disasters. Heavy rains caused flash flooding in the early morning with the water level rising up to 1.15 meters which disrupted transportation in the industrial zone.

As a result, Delta had to stop operations for two days. After the incident, Delta management discussed the problem with senior officials of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT). Both sides shared learnings and Delta management ordered our company’s Industrial Automation engineers to survey the entire affected area together with the IEAT officers. Delta made further adaptions to our technology and products in the Delta SCADA Solution for Flood Prevention to provide the best preventative actions for future flood risks.

The Delta SCADA Solution for Flood Prevention begins with the installation of a sensor at water level check points in the Bangpoo Industrial Estate area. This sensor will send a signal to the water pump to automatically turn on when water reaches a specified danger level. More water pumps will automatically start if there is another signal from the sensor that indicates the water level is rising to accelerate drainage from the risk area.

This innovative approach will help alleviate the burden and limitations of the IEAT office to physically monitor water conditions and turn on water pumps manually during the rainy season, especially during heavy rain at night or on holidays. This system can also be remote controlled via mobile phone for increased convenience.

Delta plans to install the Delta SCADA Solution for Flood Prevention at a total of 11 locations at the Bangpoo Industrial Estate. Seven locations were already installed in the past year and when all equipment has been installed, the solution will help prevent and alert relevant agencies to deal with flooding in a timely manner.

This flood prevention solution will help mitigate negative impact to the surrounding communities in the Bangpoo Industrial Estate and will expand in scope to assist all regions of Thailand in the future.

Delta and KMITL Sign MOU for IoT System and Information Technology Development in Thailand

On October 14, 2020 Delta and King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) signed a five-year MOU for joint promotion and development of education in IoT system and information technology and engineering.

The MOU’s objectives are to facilitate the successful transfer of knowledge from private companies to educational institutions and encourage students to develop knowledge and skills through actual practice. In addition, it aims to support the exchange of knowledge between both sides and develop the potential of both teachers and students in the KMITL Faculty of Engineering.

Under the agreement, Delta will participate in developing a curriculum in response to the country’s human resources policy in the fields of IoT system and information technology and engineering. Both parties will cooperate in research and development and in organizing training seminars, testing and providing academic advice related to IoT system and information technology and engineering.

Delta has a short-term goal to set up a demo room at the Department of Computer Engineering at the KMITL Faculty of Engineering to facilitate training in room controller, building automation and micro-datacenter solutions. Long-term, Delta will explore opportunities for expert engineers to be guest lecturers in specialized courses on product implementation and program configuration.

Previously, Delta set up an industrial automation lab at KMITL, which is a partner institution in the Delta Automation Academy. The Delta Automation Academy provides faculty with training in the latest automation technology and a curriculum to train Thai engineering students using advanced automation equipment donated by Delta, including industrial robots, PLC, HMI and servo systems.

The Delta Automation Academy has trained over 800 Thai engineering students at Delta Automation Labs in Thailand’s top universities including: Chulalongkorn University, Kasetsart University, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Burapha University and King Mongkut's University of Technology campuses in North Bangkok and in Thonburi.