Delta Electronics (Thailand) Public Company Limited
Country Thailand
Date of incorporation 16 June 1988
Registered Capital THB 1,259,000,000
Paid-up Capital THB 1,247,381,614
Major Shareholders
Name Holding %
Delta Electronics Int`l (Singapore) Pte. Ltd 534,479,306 42.85%
Delta International Holding Limited 191,984,450 15.39%
CITI (Nominees) Limited-CBHK-PBGSG-Restricted Shares 172,845,420 13.86%
Delta Electronics Inc. 69,128,140 5.54%
The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, Hong Kong Branch 60,200,000 4.83%
Raffles Nominees (Pte) Limited 57,556,300 4.61%
UBS AG Hong Kong Branch 54,760,000 4.39%
South East Asia UK (Type C) Nominees Limited 15,571,534 1.25%
Thai NVDR Co.,Ltd. 10,591,081 0.85%
Others 80,265,383 6.43%
Total 1,247,381,614 100.0%
Business Function Manufacturing and exporting of power supplies and other electronic components
Delta Green Industrial (Thailand) Company Limited
Country Thailand
Date of incorporation 5 November 2010
Registered Capital THB 206,000,000
Paid-up Capital THB 206,000,000
Major Shareholder
Delta Electronics (Thailand) Plc. 100%
Mr. Anusorn Muttaraid 1 share
Mr. Chang Tsai-hsing 1 share
Business Function Provide total solutions for Renewable/Electronic products including Integration, Sales/Trading, Installation and Services
Delta Energy Systems (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Country Singapore
Date of incorporation 14 February 2011
Registered Capital USD 173,263,590
Paid-up Capital USD 173,263,590
Major Shareholder
Delta Electronics (Thailand) Plc 100%
Business Function Business Investment/Management and Consultancy Service/Trading
Delta Electronics India Private Limited
Country India
Date of incorporation 20 June 2008
Registered Capital INR 36,498,000,000
Paid-up Capital INR 8,280,887,780
Major Shareholder
Delta Energy System (Singapore) Pte.Ltd. 100%
DET International Holding Limited 1 share
Business Function Marketing & Sales/Manufacturing
Delta Energy Systems (India) Private Ltd.
Country India
Date of incorporation 14 November 1996
Registered Capital INR 494,500,000
Paid-up Capital INR 490,476,020
Major Shareholder
DET International Holding Limited 100%
Delta Energy Systems (Singapore) 1 share
Business Function Marketing & Sales/Assembler
Delta Electronics (Myanmar) Company Limited
Country Myanmar
Date of incorporation 16 October 2015
Registered Capital USD 2,350,000
Paid-up Capital USD 2,350,000
Major Shareholder
Delta Energy Systems (Singapore) Pte Ltd 100%
Hsieh Shen-yen 1 share
Business Function Manufacturing
Delta PBA Engineering Solutions Company Limited
Country Thailand
Date of incorporation 14 September 2017
Registered Capital THB 35,000,000
Paid-up Capital THB 35,000,000
Major Shareholder
Delta Energy Systems (Singapore) Pte Ltd 51%
PBA Holding Pte. Ltd. 49%
Vichai Saksuriya (Eng) วิชัย ศักดิ์สุริยา (ไทย) 1 share
Business Function Manufacturer/assembler and provider of industrial automation solutions