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Want to become our supplier and help us go beyond our global customers’ expectations? As an innovative international company, Delta values our suppliers and we work together with you for a high standard of excellence, quality assurance and sustainability. Our responsible suppliers commit to our world-class code of conduct and partner with us on corporate social responsibilities. We invite you to start your sustainable journey with Delta by registering on our new comprehensive, and collaborative self-service platform for Delta suppliers.

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By registering you give us the chance to notice you. Your registration helps you to find the right contact person in our procurement department and reduces your need for further queries.

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Click on the button below to go to a contact form which helps you specify your product range.

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Your query automatically transfers to the right contact person and our procurement specialist who - if interested - will contact you.

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SMEs Credit Terms

Our company actions to comply with the May 24, 2021 Notification of Trade Competition Commission regarding fair trade practices related to credit terms for Business Operators of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who are the seller of Products or Services …
Notification Letter on SMEs Credit Term Period_EN_Effective on 1Apr2022