Merchant & Mobile Power

Merchant & Mobile Power

Our modern lives wouldn’t be possible without the electronics and electric equipment that make our daily work and lives more safe, efficient and convenient. Power supplies are a basic electronic part that exists in all around our electrified world. Your medical devices, industrial machines, LEDs, appliances, laptops and mobile devices all need power supplies.

As the world’s no.1 switching power supply provider, it’s no exaggeration to say that Delta powers most of our electronics. You can take advantage of our years of experience designing the most efficient, compact, safe and innovative products chosen and trusted by top global electronics brands.

Southeast Asian manufacturers, and businesses can boost their performance with industrial power supplies including DIN rail power supplies, panel mount power supplies and open frame power supplies designed and produced in Thailand for customers worldwide. Hospitals can get medical power supplies with the highest medical-grade standard in quality and reliability. Computer buffs, gamers and business travelers will all appreciate the premier power, small size, compatibility and convenience of our AC/DC adaptors and Innergie mobile charging products.

When you choose our merchant and mobile power solutions, you get a combination of the best in design, efficiency and TCO our world-leading customers demand along with our original innovation. Delta’s merchant and mobile power solutions include display and visualization, healthcare devices, mobile power, industrial power and medical power products.

Get the most efficient power on the market from the masters of power supplies-Delta Electronics-and enjoy the ultimate in efficiency, quality, safety and a premium ownership experience.