Building Management and Control
Building Management and Control

As Delta’s subsidiaries Delta Controls and LOYTEC continue to develop innovative building management and control products, the synergies of their building automation technologies with Delta’s core energy saving capabilities integrate diverse building systems on a single management platform.

Delta Controls actively participated in the creation of the BACnet Protocol. Its holistic approach to buildings and their systems has developed a complete range of native BACnet products – HVAC, lighting control and access. At all levels, these products are fully programmable and customizable to deliver the precise solution to any building with no compromises. The combined use of Delta Controls’ gateways, fully programmable controllers, and intuitive building operations software makes buildings easier to manage and more energy-efficient. Its complete range of HVAC controllers provides a top to bottom solution covering all HVAC applications from large central plants down to zone terminal units and sensors.

LOYTEC offers a wide range of products for applications in building automation that rely exclusively on open and standardized communication protocols. LOYTEC L-ROC Room Controllers provide the foundation for the most revolutionary room automation system based on IP. The high-quality L-VIS Touch Panels and the L-STAT Network Thermostats with touch control offer room operation in a new dimension. The L-INX Automation Servers are powerful, programmable automation stations. The user-friendly building management system LWEB-900 constitutes the basis for properly managing technical plants in a building or in distributed real estate. The L-DALI lighting controllers, sensors, and actuators are award-winning.

With technology development in building automation and Delta’s global services support, smart buildings can be achieved with optimal operation efficiency, comfort and energy savings.

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