Delta offers an energy-saving, high-speed, automated and digitized solution for cotton spinning equipment. To fulfill industry demands for tension control, simultaneous control, and high-speed precision operation, Delta’s solution adopts encoders for precise positioning, and AC motor drives and PG cards for motor driving with the PLC as master control. Users are able to set the parameters, control the temperature, and monitor the process via the HMI. The solution can be widely applied to mercerizing machines, dyeing machines, rinsing machines, jig dyeing machines, tentering machines, and printing machines.

Delta’s Textile Vector Control Drive CT2000 Series features specific wall-through installation and fan-less design for robust protection against cottons, dust, pollution and instant voltage fluctuation under harsh environments. It is suitable for spinning frames and roving frames in the textile industry, and can also be applied for machine tools, ceramics and glass manufacturing.