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Delta’s POD solution was recently awarded "Uptime Tier III Ready" certification. With its smart and flexible architecture, this solution is suitable for small and medium enterprise applications. In addition to the integration of main systems for power, cooling, racks and monitoring, the cold or hot aisle containment also provides superior air flow management to enhance cooling efficiency. A traditional data center takes 18 to 24 months to build, while a POD requires only a few weeks or months for deployment.

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▲ For enhancing business growth, Delta’s POD is an ideal choice that provides flexibility to customers and is built to meet their requirements

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Features & Benefits

Benefits of choosing Delta’s tier-ready solution

One-Stop Solution

  • The prefabricated POD is fully in-house designed, configured and pre-tested with Delta’s engineering excellence
  • Delta’s expert consulting team ensures designing and building an Uptime tier-ready data center and obtaining TCDD and TCCF certification

High Agility and Quick Deployment

  • Pay-as-you-go to meet customers’ fast-growing business requirements with standard building blocks.

Superior Flexibility and Adaptability

  • Smart architecture that is applicable to either cold or hot aisle containment.

Excellent Reliability

  • Tier III certified solution saves time and money on obtaining Uptime TCDD certification.

Comprehensive Management

  • Inbuilt DCIM solution that fully integrates environment monitoring, IP camera, door access control, motion sensor, fire suppression and more.