Heavy Industry

The scale of heavy industry and level of technology are important indicators of a country's strength. Heavy lifting falls in this category. It requires big investments and up-to-date technology and is widely used in energy extraction, docks, shipbuilding, logistics, power generation, elevators and other industrial systems. Delta has developed its abilities in industrial automation for years and its R&D team's continuing work on key technologies has developed a series of industrial automation products for the lifting industry that includes AC motor drives, PLCs, HMIs, AC servo systems and industrial power.

With its abundant experience in industrial applications, knowledge and technology in automation control and power, Delta tailors safe, energy saving, precise control and competitive high power hoists, winches, overhead starters, metallurgy special cranes, gantry cranes, tower cranes and other lifting industry-related solutions for customers. Delta continues to upgrade the safety, reliability and accurate control of lifting cranes to reduce handling times and maintenance costs, creating a winning combination for customers.