Rubber & Plastic

Rubber and plastic materials are found in just about every industry, from defense and aerospace to automobiles, machinery, electronics, and construction. The rubber and plastic industries have long played an indispensable role in the industrial supply chain. However, with growing global environmental consciousness and the rise of the green economy, new materials are being introduced and the processing technology is appearing in industrial end-use applications. These issues are accelerating the development and transformation of the rubber and plastics industry.

With years of professional experience in power electronics and industrial automation control, Delta Electronics provides a full range of industry-leading products to the rubber and plastics industry, including servo motor drives, PLCs, HMIs, temperature controllers, pressure sensors, industrial power supplies and many more. Delta has also introduced a cost-effective integrated solution, the Hybrid Energy Saving System HES Series, to control hydraulic systems. Using precise pressure and flow control, it eliminates energy losses in high-pressure throttling and provides energy savings of up to 60%. Delta provides the rubber and plastics industry with energy savings, precise, high speed and an innovative injection molding machine. Delta's advanced automation products and best solutions create more value for customers by enhancing their industrial competitiveness.