Delta IIoT Solution Realizes Digitized SMT Production Lines

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) provide the foundation for connecting integrated circuits and electronic components, which requires complex processes to complete the design, manufacturing, and assembly of the board and its components. When this complexity is combined with an increasing demand for quantity and quality, an electronic manufacturer’s level of automation determines s capabilities.

For example, for the assembly section alone, PCBs must be processed by a printing machine, SMT and reflow equipment, and AOI inspection machines to properly attach components to the board with solder paste. First, the board is printed with solder paste and sent for inspection to ensure correctness. Then, a portion of the components is attached to the board by the chip mounter and inspected by human personnel. Afterward, the board is sent for reflow to complete the process of soldering and then sent for automated optical inspection.

During these processes, key parameters such as temperature, cycle time, and input materials are critical for ensuring quality and capacity, and the need emerges to mobilize an IIoT system for continuous monitoring and real-time alerts. As a leader in the electronics industry, Delta leverages its experience and knowledge to tailor an SMT IIoT solution and apply it on production lines. The solution implements Delta Equipment IoT Platform DIALink to obtain equipment data and provide a unified interface to the upper management systems. The Delta Industry Automation Manufacture Management Platform DIAMMP visualizes the data with intuitive charts to allow a quick quickly understanding and production status with quality indices. Moreover, the data and alert analysis enable predictive maintenance.

Delta IoT Platform

The Delta SMT IIoT Solution brings the following benefits:

• Key parameter analysis and visualization to accelerate management decisions

The Delta Industry Automation Manufacture Management Platform DIAMMP is suitable for automated production lines of various industries and can connect with MES systems and visualize the data to accelerate the decision-making process. It can also use built-in formulas and modules to calculate OEE values, including the first pass yield rate, achievement rate, utilization rate, and line balance.

• Real-time alerts for quick countermeasures

When abnormalities occur, the Delta Industry Automation Manufacture Management Platform DIAMMP sends alerts through SMS and emails in real-time to allow in-time countermeasures.

• IIoT systems lay a solid foundation for digitization

The Delta Equipment IoT Platform DIALink integrates smart equipment from different generations and brands with a unified interface to connect with the upper management systems. It mobilizes edge computing for the higher equipment efficiency of data communications and analytics.

Delta’s SMT IIoT Solution integrates a variety of smart equipment to unify and collect data for analysis. With expertise in electronics assembly, Delta tailors this IIoT solution for the needs of the industry. Additionally, continuous monitoring and data analysis ensure smarter management to achieve stable quality and capacity.

Delta's DIAMMP

27 January 2022