Delta Develops Solar Water Pump Solution to Support Thailand’s Rural Development

Bangkok, Thailand, November 2, 2021- Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. developed an original solar power electric water pump solution for a customer providing well water to remote communities in support of the Thailand government’s rural development policy.

Delta’s customer is a global manufacturer of water pumps supporting customers in the Thailand market with a wide range of submersible pumps and electric motors. The customer requested the support of Delta’s industrial automation team to develop a solar water pump solution for wells in remote locations with limited access to the electric grid.

Delta developed this solar power water pump as a solution for lifting liquid from low to high levels in applications such as village wells. The solution utilizes solar energy, which is converted into electrical energy through photovoltaic panels. Delta's MS300 standard compact vector control drive and inverter manages the alternating current or direct current used in this system and adjusts the output power as well as the speed of the water pump. The solution also includes the Delta KPC-CC01 digital keypad for easy control.

A major advantage of Delta’s solar water pump solution is that it uses clean renewable energy at no cost. With no recurring cost for solar power electricity, the MS300 can reduce total energy consumption by over 40%. The Delta MS300 also has an integrated controller that reduces costs compared with competitor models that require a separate controller. It also features a Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) function for over 20% more efficiency.

The simple and extremely reliable Delta MS300 also has a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) function that serves all the requirements of this solar pump application and is user-friendly in operations under various solar power conditions. Users can edit the alarm comment display in the Delta KPC-CC01 digital keypad with TPEditor Version 1.98 to change the control language.

Mr. Kasemson Kreuatorn, Delta Senior Regional Manager for industrial automation, said, “Delta has many products in our industrial automation portfolio that can integrate seamlessly to boost efficiency and cut operation costs in infrastructure applications including water pumps for village wells. We work with our customer to develop and implement each solution according to the number of pumps or drives required for each well at locations across Thailand.”

As an industrial solutions provider, Delta leverages years of experience in implementing renewable energy and automation solutions to support infrastructure development that uplifts society and supports Thailand 4.0 development for all parts of the country.



10 November 2021