PLC - Programmable Logic Controllers for Industrial Automation

Choose a Delta programmable logic controller for the best combination of value, performance, and versatility. Explore the latest high-quality PLC controllers and software from a leader in PLC industrial automation.

A programmable logic controller (PLC) is a control system using electronic operations. Its easy storing procedures, handy extending principles, functions of sequential/position control,
timed counting and input/output control are widely applied to the field of industrial automation control.

AH Series – Hot-Swappable Mid-Range PLCs

The AH Series PLCs offer flexible automation solutions for a wide range of high-level industrial applications. Our range of AH Series PLCs includes many options to cover your automation needs, including advanced functions, modularized hardware and the highly integrated software. You receive a complete solution for a broad range of PLC applications.

Features and Benefits of the AH Series

Our AH Series includes standard PLCs for and motion CPUs for advanced motion control. Enjoy superior multi-axis motion control via a motion network, such as EtherCAT, for machine control with greater precision and speed.

Both options use the same flexible selection of modules for addressing your automation needs. Our large assortment of extension modules ensures increased expandability and versatility for your PLC system.

Delta’s AH Series also delivers excellent value. All AH Series PLCs are cost-effective and easy to implement. Thanks to the hot-swapping function, you gain improved maintainability, allowing you to keep your systems running.

Common Applications for AH Series

Delta’s AH Series PLCs are suitable for a variety of large-scale and mid-range industrial applications. For example, the AH500 controller is an excellent choice for 3-axis linear interpolation and other PLC automation tasks involving motion control, including many PLC CNC machine applications.

AS Series – Compact Modular Program Controllers

The Delta AS Series includes compact PLCs with a modular design. These mid-range options are the ideal solution for handling all types of automated systems. You receive a flexible PLC programmable logic controller with support for up to 32 different extension modules and 1,024 I/O (input/output) points. You can connect an endless list of components, such as a PLC servo motor or PLC control inverter.

Features and Benefits of the AS Series

Our AS Series standard CPU includes our self-developed Delta 32-bit system-on-a-chip (SoC). Our SoC CPUs deliver superior speed, with an execution speed of 40k steps/ms. You also receive more support for modules and I/O points, along with greater accuracy.

The AS Series motion CPU uses EtherCAT and CANopen protocols for the motion control interface. Another highlight is the selection function blocks for motion control applications. The function blocks (FB) comply with all applicable international standards. You can also synchronize up to 24 axes in a single update cycle.

Common Applications for AS Series

Delta’s AS Series programmable logic controllers are suitable for a diverse range of applications. Common uses include automation in printing, packaging, textiles, labeling, and pharmaceuticals.

DVP Series Programmable Logic Controllers

Our DVP series of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) offer a great combination of stability, higher speeds, and increased reliability. You can use our DVP series PLCs for a wide range of applications involving industrial automation machines.

Our DVP lineup includes a variety of options, including the small, cost-effective ES series. The DVP-ES Series is an efficient solution for basic sequential control processes, such as elevator control, a spinning machine, or a packaging machine.

The DVP-EX Series is another affordable modular PLC. The analog MPU offers the lowest cost, making it suitable for all types of small PLC control motor applications.

Features and Benefits of the DVP Series

Along with fast logic operation, multiple function cards, and bountiful instructions, our DVP-PLC supports various communications protocols. Your team will have no problems connecting the DVP series PLCs to Delta’s AC motor drives, PLC servo, PLC HMI human-machine interface, and temperature controllers. We offer a complete Delta Solution for all users.

Common Applications for DVP Series

The DVP ES and EX series PLCs are often used for packaging machines, spinning machines, conveyor belts, winding machines, food processing machines, landscape fountains, and more.

ISPSoft Programming Software

ISPSoft is a PLC machine programming software application used in Delta’s range of PLCs. It offers several distinct advantages over solutions from other PLC manufacturers, including an intuitive editing interface for customizing extension modules.

ISPSoft complies with the IEC 61131-3 standard. It also includes support for the use of PLCopen FBs.
ISPSoft integrates a variety of functions into a single platform. You can handle everything from network and hardware configuration to motion control programming. The easy-to-navigate interface and step-by-step wizards ensure that any member of your team can easily configure your PLC machine.

ISPSoft supports five different programming tools. The variety of options include:
● Structured Texts
● Function Block Diagrams
● Ladder Diagrams
● Sequential Function Charts
● Instruction Lists

Users can choose the PLC programming tool that best suits their needs and experience, ensuring increased accuracy and efficiency. You benefit from faster configuration, allowing you to save time and resources during the project development process.

If you want to achieve a more intelligent, robust industrial PLC control system, browse our selection of products to find the right PLC solution.

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