Delta’s Pecan Cracking Machine Solution Improves Production Efficiency, Saving Energy and Costs

The Americas abound in pecans that are rich in fat and vitamins and can be used for therapeutic purposes such as benefiting brain health, hydrating skin, darkening hair, and replenishing energy. However, it is difficult for consumers to crack pecan shells, so shelled pecans are more common than in-shell pecans in the marketplace.

Recently, Delta tailored a pecan-cracking machine solution for a customer in Mexico. The self-designed solution and equipment can filter dust from in-shell pecans and efficiently perform sizing, blowing and drying before the pecans go through the cracking machine and sheller. The shells are separated and sorted, and pecans are inspected before toasting and packaging.

Delta adopts the Human Machine Interface DOP-100 Series for pecan-cracking process visualization, easy operation and remote monitoring. Operated with the Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS Series, the Compact Drive MS300 Series can control the motor velocity of blowers and dryers for high efficiency, and energy and cost savings.

The pecan-cracking machine solution benefits customers with the following features.

• Built-in AC motor drives for efficient energy usage

The MS300 Series can drive the blowers and dryers to operate and maintain a reduced speed for low-volume production, saving cost and electricity.

• High-speed communication among devices

The pecan-cracking machine communicates with the HMI via Ethernet and the PLC controller AS Series connects to the AC servo drives via Modbus RS-485 to smoothly and efficiently complete pecan cracking and shelling.

• Easy and safe operation

The HMI DOP-100 Series displays information with high quality and high resolution. Production personnel can safely overlook the pecan production processes in real time via the HMI, and remotely and easily control the equipment with the user-friendly operating interface.

Delta's pecan-cracking machine solution provides a total solution for in-shell pecan cleaning and shelling. It enables automated pecan production with less labor and a shorter production period. In addition, it ensures hygienic principles for agricultural products, raising productivity and saving energy and production costs.



27 August 2021