Delta Thailand Brings Acclaimed VTScada Software for Industrial Monitoring and Control to Thailand Market

Bangkok, Thailand, July 22, 2021- Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. introduced the VTScada industrial monitoring and control applications software to the Thailand market. VTScada software is by Trihedral, a Canadian company in the Delta Group.

VTScada is a flexible and scalable SCADA software, providing an intuitive interface for real-time monitoring in various industries. It allows users to monitor hundreds of multi-million I/Os. The software supports over 100 drivers, providing a reliable interface with high customizability and comprehensive functions for industrial monitoring applications.

VTScada is widely used in large power, water treatment and oil and gas industries in North America, providing key application solutions with excellent quality and support that has won it numerous industry awards.

In Thailand, operations managers in the waterworks, energy, chemicals, manufacturing and food and beverage industries can leverage this software platform for better integration and reliability in monitoring and control of mission-critical applications. VTScada’s excellent functions, service and ease-of-use offers users savings in both costs and time.

Delta’s local industrial automation team offers VTScada to selected local system integrators who service customers in Thailand. For inquiries please contact:

23 July 2021