Delta Revolutionizing Digital Infrastructure For Thailand's New Normal















This article outlines how Delta’s ICT infrastructure and data center solutions can form the backbone of digital transformation and be an efficient brain of the internet of things (IoT) factories and smart cities envisioned in the government’s Thailand 4.0 policy. It also describes how Delta’s award-winning data center solutions can enable emerging technologies like 5G and edge computing give Thailand and Southeast Asia a competitive edge in the new normal.


1. Introduction

2. Driving Trends in Thailand’s New Normal

     2.1 IIoT-driven Smart Manufacturing

     2.2 Edge Computing

     2.3 Thailand Data Center Opportunities

3. Delta Electronics Thailand Digital Infrastructure

    3.1 UPS Solutions

    3.2 Data Center Solutions


While COVID-19 may set back the digitization plans for some businesses, it won’t stop the march of technology and the goals of the Thailand 4.0 policy. It’s clear that IoT-driven Industry 4.0, 5G and automation have set the wheels in motion for a snowball effect in big data growth and resulting demand for data center, telecom and ICT mission critical systems infrastructure. As a leader in sustainable business and smart green solutions pioneer in Thailand, Delta supports national recovery with innovation that adds value for customers, empowers local enterprises and uplifts our communities.

Delta’s prefabricated and containerized data centers can offer a perfect solution for businesses ready to make the investment in digital transformation and take the lead in Thailand’s new normal digital economy. These highly mobile and flexible data centers fulfill the goal of standardization which makes mass production and rapid deployment possible for both edge and collocation data centers. By working with our ICT partner network, SIs and customers, Delta can offer greater value for stakeholders, contributes to Thailand 4.0 development and accelerates national recover and sets the stage for a more prosperous, healthy and happy society in the new normal.


17 May 2021