Pulse Oximeter

High Accuracy & Stability

Equipped with AMS and TAOS (Japanese) sensors that are extremely accurate, stable, and reliable

Strict FQC Inspection

FQC adopts Fluke oximeter gold standard equipment to ensure compliance with regional medical standards

Easy-to-read Display

Large LCD with a backlight for displaying SpO2, pulse rate, and pulse strength in real time.


Fitted with a hypoallergenic and ecofriendly TPR (thermoplastic rubber) finger chamber

Real-time Warning System

Warning for low heart rate and oxygen levels

Pulse Oximeter

Product Spec

Model Name - DB12  
Technology Test Sample
Red LED & Infra-Red LED Fingertip, Saturation of Peripheral Oxygen, SpO2
Measurement Parameters Power on
SpO2 & Pulse Rate Button Pressed
Display Direction Degree of Protection
1 Type BF– IP22
SpO2- Display Range SpO2- Perfusion Declared Range
35 % - 100 % 0.5 % t o 20 %
SpO2- Accuracy of Measurement (ARMS) Pulse Rate- Display Range
Adult : 70-100 %, tolerance 3% (ARMS) 30 - 250 bpm
Pulse Rate- Accuracy of Measurement(ARMS) Measurement Response Time
30 – 200 bpm, tolerance 3 bpm (ARMS) 6-8 seconds
Data Update Period Waterproof Dust-proof
< 3s IP22
International certification  
CE (EU),FDA (USA),TFDA (Taiwan),PMDA (Japan)  


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