NovoConnect is a new generation wireless presentation and collaboration system. From classrooms to conference rooms, it allows participants to seamlessly hand-over display and control among PC, Mac, and Tablet devices to conduct interactive presentations with dynamic content sources and HD display quality.

Features & Benefits
Multi-Platform Wireless Presentation
The following device types are supported
- iOS tablet devices
- Android tablet devices
- Windows PC

PC Free Operation
Equipped with Android OS, file storage, and microSD card reader , the NovoConnect turns your display devices into a presentation and collaboration system without a PC.

One-Click Presentation Management
The presentation and collaboration management software provides a meeting host (or a teacher) the following functions:

1. One-click display and control hand-over
2. Presenter screen preview
3. Secured meeting login
4. Up to 64 participant connections

Cloud based Resource Access
Cloud based services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, SlideShare, can be presented seamlessly through NovoConnect anytime, anywhere.

Interactive Collaboration
Up to four devices can apply to join a split-screen display. Th is feature provides the meeting participants a convenient way to s hare, compare, and collaborate with one another in the conference room or classroom.

Personal Mobile Presentation
Conducting business presentation on-the-go via your tablet devi ces can never be easier. Install associated apps to your tablets ah ead of time, with the native WiFi hot spot support in the NovoConnect, just connect and turn the device on and you are ready to go.



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