Delta Wall Mount ERV

Wall Mount Energy Recovery Ventilator

Delta Fresh Air Systems Bring Nature to Your Home

  • Multiple Filter
  • High Efficiency DC Motor
  • Multiple Safety Protection
  • Silence Operation
  • Three Years Warranty
  • Indoor Air Circulation & Purification

Double Filtration Double Protection PM 2.5 purification of 98%. Best Selection for Living Spaces

Primary Filter                                                                                                      

Filter large particles, i.e. dust, hair etc                      

HEPA filter

Filter PM 2.5, pollen, fine dust, dust mite etc.

Clean indoor air

Before getting started, watch and follow these steps to ensure a smooth and safe process:

Features & Benefits


 Double Filtration, Double Protection

ERV Filters


Ideal for Separate Spaces


Delta ERV enables air exchange and filtration for separate spaces, improving indoor oxygen concentration - not only makes your living space healthier & comfortable, but saves bills.

Delta ERV Air Exchange 


Ideal for Year-round Uses


Operating year-round, Delta ERV accommodates indoor temperature & humidity in different seasons and optimizes the functions of air conditioning. High efficiency motors save energy & save bills in the long term. 

Delta ERV Indoor Air



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