delta MX UPS

UPS MX Series 1.1/2/3 kVA

Reliable Power Protection for Small and Medium Business

The Amplon MX line-interactive UPS provides pure sine-wave quality compatibility for versatile applications and protect devices for small-and-medium businesses from power failure and voltage variations in small footprint. The Amplon MX series features enhanced output power factor 0.9, AVR Efficiency up to 96.5%, resulting in a greater power supply for critical loads at significantly less operating cost.



Delta Amplon KX UPS

Features & Benefits


  • Microprocessor-based line interactive design for fast response to power disturbances
  • Programmable load bank disconnects non-critical loads when a blackout occurs and reserves more battery power for critical loads
  • Automatic voltage regulator (AVR) delivers stable output voltage during brownouts or over-voltages
  • Wide input voltage range allows the UPS to work in harsh electrical environments
  • Hot-swappable battery design to protect equipment during battery replacement


  • Supports both rack and tower installation
  • Excellent management through a user-friendly graphical and easy-shift LCD display to suit different installation format
  • Supports multiple communication interfaces, including USB port, RS-232, Mini Slot, Surge Protection, REPO for enhanced monitoring and manageability

Low Total Cost of Ownership

  • Output power factor is up to 0.9 to provide more real power to critical loads
  • High efficiency normal mode reach at 98% and 98.5% for 3kVA
  • Wide input range and protection against over voltage prolongs battery life

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