PVC 2200B-48

PVC 2200B-48

PVC 2200B RenE is the photovoltaic battery charger, and it can help convert the solar energy to -48V power system. PVC 2200B RenE can fit in standalone application and the hybrid power applications, such as genset supply, AC grid, wind energy and fuel cell supply. With the modularity, PVC 2200B RenE can be embed in the power system really easy, not only about the installation, but also the commissioning and the maintenance.

Due to the high efficient MPPT, the operators can reduce CAPEX on solar panel configuration. Furthermore, the wide input voltage range makes the arrangement of panel more flexible. These gorgeous features help operators to reduce the emission of CO2, and to make the contribution to the environmental protection.

Features & Benefits
  • Lower CAPEX for solar panel – high efficient MPPT
  • Flexible panel arrangement – wide input voltage range
  • Energy saving – high power density
  • Up to 4 modules per 1U / 23” shelf
  • Up to 3 modules per 1U / 19” shelf
  • Applicable in outdoor applications
  • Easy installation, commissioning and maintenance

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