OutD V Series

OutD V Series

The Delta OutD cabinet is the choice from the tropics to the arctic when space is scarce or site density needs to be increased cost-effectively.

The Delta OutD series offers several size options, ensuring right dimensions for telecom equipment. A flexible con-figuration is the way to tailor solutions for your demand, and our OutD cabinets offer an option to build the whole base station inside. Wall options are with multi- or single-layer, and multi lock mechanism completes the protection of in-stalled equipment.

Advanced thermal cooling enables remarkable savings both in capital and operational expenditures.

Features & Benefits
  • Resistant outdoor enclosure made from non-corrosive galvanized steel sheets
  • IP 54 / 55 protection class
  • Different thermal management options: AV, HEX AC, TEC or advanced hybrid solution
  • Wide flexibility and scalability, one design concept with 3 different dimensions; modular structure of internal equipment to meet specific customer requirements
  • Option for enhanced monitoring and controlling
  • Any Delta CellD system built-in; DC or AC, battery back up
  • Single or multilayer wall design
  • Option thermal insulation of the walls
  • Bottom cable entry with flexible configuration of cable glands

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