PowerGen 10000

PowerGen 10000

Delta PowerGen 10 kW is an outdoor -48VDC standby generator designed to support telecommunications network power through extended utility power outages. Using a lightweight, air cooled engine, it’s installation and deployment is quicker, easier and less costly than a traditional AC generator. Its availability can be assured through remote web browser access as well as M2M automation using SNMP alarms, polling and exercise.

Features & Benefits
  • Available in 10kW, 52VDC, positive ground.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Delivered to a roof by elevator and stairs. Low weight minimizes civil costs.
  • DC output design reduces space requirements for generator and large batteries. Increases efficiency and reliability over an AC generator.
  • 9-phase alternator and extensive LC filtering for clean output.
  • Connects directly to DC plant with no need for a transfer switch or any AC power modifications.
  • Diffused and diluted exhaust without any hot surfaces. Cabinet is safe to touch.
  • Easy Integration with renewable energy systems.
  • Automatic operation, triggered on loss of AC utility power digital input and/or and battery voltage thresholds.
  • WEB browser interface for programming, control, monitoring, and firmware updates.
  • SNMP Traps containing configurable alarm names and severities to respect Control Center standards. Generous alarm contacts are provided for traditional monitoring.
  • Safe Voltages for Telco Network Power Technicians troubleshooting.

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