Micro Datacenter DSE Series

Micro Data Center

Delta InfraSuite is a new generation, highly integrated modular datacenter solution. It uses racks as the datacenter carrier and fully integrates all sub-systems including UPSs, cooling, power distribution, lightning protection, fire control (optional), wiring, airflow management, intelligent monitoring, and more. Delta’s modular datacenter solution offers a datacenter environment that provides safe equipment operations within the racks, and supports the development and standardizing of micro datacenters that fit into racks. In addition, Delta InfraSuite takes up very little space, allowing quick deployment within a limited space, and it provides 10 types of solutions that require 20kVA power supply capabilities.

Ready for the Era of Converged Infrastructure

Ending the traditional ways of implementing IT infrastructure by dedicated server which consumes lot of space, power consumption and hardly maintain. Converged infrastructure has rapidly growth due to merit virtualization technology. Further moving forward to hyper-converge eventually obtains super flexibility from all software defined elements, shrink down system size, cost and maintenance complexity. Virtualized and clustering, furthermore, improves system reliability.

Pre-fabricated all-in-one Datacenter and Ready to Move in

Delta’s micro datacenter provides all necessaries components in one package so that eases to implement converged or hyper-converged IT infrastructure. All pre-fabricated ensures high quality and rapid deploy of IT infrastructure to be right on time.

Delta Micro Datacenter

Multiple Choices of Model, Flexible Configuration to Exactly Fit Your Requirement

Delta’s offers range of micro-datacenter product, various configuration from fan ventilation cooling type, all-in-one packed cooling up to row cooling providing most flexibility and choices to exactly match IT infrastructure requirement.

No More Condensation

Hot moisture air cooled by cold object whose temperature lower than dew point then form condensate on the surface.
Delta’s MDC is specially designed to prevent by using transparent thermal insulation material in addition to glass front door. This helps to keep front glass door temperature above dew point so that condensation is avoided.

Highly Flexible for Future Expansion

Additional 42U rack add-on is applicable to increase available U-space* of Delta’s micro datacenter obtaining extremely flexibility for future IT infrastructure expansion. 600mm and 800mm additional rack is available option to serve IT requirements.

Excellence Cooling Performance

  • Closed Cold/Hot Aisle and highly efficient
  • Fully closed system is dust proof and noise canceling
  • Double door and supply temperature control to prevent condensate

Comprehensive built-in DCIM like monitoring system


Features & Benefits

Highly Reliable Emergency Cooling

The mechanical structure enables the cooling system whenever messages such as over-temperature are detected. It provides a highly reliable power supply system and does not require a UPS or take up UPS resources.

Distributed Control Increases Reliability

The distributed control system is used for air-conditioning, UPS, environment and smart rack (temperature and humidity, lighting, PDU, door sensor, and more). The normal display and uploading of other equipment messages is not affected even if one of the controllers malfunctions.

Optimization of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Energy-saving. PUE less than 1.4

A hot or cold aisle containment system effectively isolates the mixing of cold and hot air. In rack cooling with horizontal air flow is used to reduce hot spots in datacenters. The UPS has high AC-AC efficiency up to 94% or more even at half load.

  • Space-saving, superior space efficiency

The in-rack cooling system uses a backward centrifugal fan and the dash of the centrifugal fan is inside the cold aisle. The horizontal air flow is used to reduce resistance and shorten the distance of the cold aisle. A depth of 1200mm is perfectly integrated with the datacenter floor layout and saves foot space.

High Adaptability

  • Quick deployment

Suitable for mid/small datacenter applications such as government, education, finance or SMBs. Offers flexibility, has short construction periods, and can be expanded at any time without the need for excessive investment.

  • Availability level can be adjusted at any time

Adjust the availability level of the system at any stage, including design, installation or operations. The power supply system and cooling system do not need redesign.

Smart Management

Datacenter environment and security information can be connected
Signals for the temperature and humidity of the datacenter, smoke detection, datacenter access, datacenter IP camera, and others can be connected to the standard management system. The system is plug-and-play with no need for redevelopment.

  • Whatsapp alarm and mobile APP

While an SMS alarm requires additional charges, the use of the Whatsapp alarm not only cuts down cost, but is also more suited to current trends. Mobile APPs allow the maintenance and management staff to find out system operation information at any time and place.

  • Inbuilt access control in the system cabinet

Prevents non-professional staff from misusing equipment such as UPS or cooling and causing system crashes. Access systems are equipped on the front and rear doors of the system cabinet and only authorized personnel can enter the password on the touchscreen to open the doors. The doors can be opened manually with keys if the access system malfunctions.


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