Delta Wireless Chargers

Charge Easily, Charge Wirelessly

The 1 kW Wireless Power System is a revolutionary, low maintenance, high efficiency product ideal for charging batteries in industrial electric vehicles and AGVs. The sealed electronics and contactless power transfer are especially suitable for use in highly polluted or wet environments. Additionally, it can be configured as a power supply giving limitless potential applications.

Features & Benefits

Contactless Power Transfer 
No more dirty and worn connector 
No more manual plug in and pull out 
Less downtime and cost of servicing

Versatile Charging  
Charge any battery type 
Li-on satisfies high current needs 
CAN bus available for connecting smart battery or vehicle systems    

Easy Integration  
Share among 24V and 48V battery vehicles 
Compact and low weight for flexible placement 
Configurable as a power supply


  • AGVs
  • Forklifts 
  • Utility vehicles 
  • Machines for cleaning nets in a fish farm 


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