DeltaGrid Lighting

Transform How Municipalities Manage Cities While Saving Energy

DeltaGrid street light control solution adds wireless connectivity and cloud management capabilities to street lights. With remote control, diagnosis, and monitoring of connected lights, operators can optimize their energy consumption and benefit from improved operational efficiency and service quality of city lighting infrastructure, and end up optimizing energy consumption.

In 2017, Delta started to install 21,000 smart streetlights in East Jakarta. Delta's Smart Streetlight Solution provides bright and energy saving LED lighting with wireless networking capability, which allows the dense street lights installation in the city to be woven into a communication network.



DeltaGrid Lighting Platform

Cellular Solution

The SGDC-L38 and SGDC-D23-LC are cellular street lighting controllers that provide directional connectivity from street lights to communication servers. The SGDC-L38 adopt NB-IoT technology while the SGDC-D23-LC leverages LTE connectivity. In addition, a photo sensor and G-sensor are built in to the SGDC-L38 to provide light and drop detection.


RF Mesh Solution

The SGDC-D27-LC is a gateway that transmits and receives data to and from communication servers via LTE and forwards and collects data to and from the SGCM-W60-LC via sub-1GHz RF mesh. Both the SGDC-D27-LC and SGCM-W60-LC support on/off control, dimming, and power measurement of connected lights.


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