DC Wallbox 50kW

50kW DC Wallbox

Slim Design for Powerful Service

The DC Wallbox 50 kW provides high-efficiency charging services for commercial sites. With a charging efficiency of ≥ 96 %, thickness of only 25 cm, and support for simultaneous charging with a maximum output of 50 kW of DC power from two charging guns, the DC Wallbox 50 kW is suitable for sites such as roadside parking, parking lots, department stores, commercial and office buildings and EV fleet charging stations without requiring the replanning of existing parking spaces.

The DC Wallbox 50kW is OCPP-compatible, enabling backend integration for capabilities including user identification, remote monitoring and system control. Its small footprint and compact wall-mount design enable site owners to optimize their site space and layout.

DC Wallbox 50kW

Features & Benefits
  • 50kW DC dual output
  • Simultaneous charging shortens charging time
  • Credit card payment terminal for charge-to-go customers
  • Compact and wall-mount installation saves space at charging sites
  • ≧ 96% power efficiency for energy conservation
  • OCPP and network connectivity realize seamless system integration

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