DeltaGrid EV Management

Charging Management System

Delta's EV charging management system provides a cloud-based background for EV charging stations. It can be quickly imported without complicated settings, helping charging station operators to effectively manage and maximize the utilization rate of charger. It also has smart energy management functions, which can be integrated with energy storage and solar energy systems for power regulation, to optimize charging services, operating, and energy efficiency.

DeltaGrid® EVM

Forward-looking Smart Charging Solution Equipped with Advanced Energy Management

To help charging service providers balance electricity safety, reasonable costs and service accessibility when building EV charging infrastructure, Delta includes EV chargers into the scope of load management and energy dispatching from the perspective of high-energy-consuming equipment. By charger grouping, prioritization, and scheduling to limit the maximum current output and leverage time-of-use electricity prices, DeltaGrid® EVM ensures reliable charging services under existing power facilities.

By going further to integrate energy storage and solar systems, we can capitalize on the advantages of peak shaving, PV self-consumption, and off-peak electricity load shifting.

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