Delta AC Mini Plus EV Charger

AC Mini Plus 7.4kW

Small, Simple, and Smart for Home and Commercial Charging Applications

Delta AC Mini Plus features intuitive user interface, RFID function for charging authentication and casting adaptive to indoor and outdoor environments. Equipped with multiple communication options and OCPP 1.5, 1.6 connectivity, it can be figured for various charging applications. It is easy to install with clear wiring instruction and provides adjustable operating current option to meet available amperage at the installation site.


Equip Your Home with Private Charging Infrastructure


Features & Benefits
  • Clear and straightforward interface
  • Available with plug (SAE J1772, IEC T2, and GB/T) and IEC T2 socket type
  • Waterproof IP55 enclosure
  • Adjustable operating current to available amperage at the installation site
  • RFID for charging authentication
  • Multiple communication options including 3G/Wifi for remote access and mobile app

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