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Delta’s DIAEnergie industrial energy management system allows companies to visualize and improve their electric and power systems, especially high energy consumption equipment, through manual intervention and automation control, using data acquisition, systematic analysis, troubleshooting and energy saving diagnosis. The system helps monitor and analyze energy consumption in real time, calculate energy consumption and load characteristics, optimize equipment performance, enhance production processes and maximize energy efficiency. The DIAEnergie system offers a base for developing an energy management strategy and creating an effective energy control framework to improve an enterprise’s energy efficiency and reduce its overall operating costs.

The DIAEnergie system is able to collect and analyze power usage data from different facilities in real-time, and present detailed and easy-to-read real-time or historical energy information for users or managers. It also sends warning messages to managers when abnormalities occur to achieve highly-efficient operation and management. With decades of experience in the industrial automation industry, Delta understands customer needs for realtime energy monitoring and analysis. DIAEnergie is an excellent tool for power efficiency enhancement on equipment and production lines, as well as building better energy strategies for users.

DIAEnegie features:
• Real-time Energy Management
• Energy Dashboard
• Energy Diagnosis, and Analysis Visualization
• Energy Performance Monitoring and Analytics
• Reports and Alarms
• Modbus and OPC Client Communication


■ Reduces energy cost
■ Power usage monitoring and visualization, and abnormality detection to find more possiblities for energy savings
■ Monitors equipment power efficiency and expands their service time
■ Discovers reactive and excessive power consumption to avoid electricity fines
■ Provides reports on energy saving and efficiency comparison for reference

■ Provides measurement data analysis from various perspectives (areas, power circuits and time periods)
■ Offers a variety of graphs and charts to view and analyze data quickly
■ Monitors energy performance indicators of equipment
■ Monitors power quality parameters
■ Sends out alarms and fault messages

Features of DIAEnergie
Energy Dashboard


The energy dashboard displays significant power consumption in graphical visualization, such as alarms and more, allowing users to quickly and intuitively monitor real-time power usage conditions
■ Easy settings to quickly build an energy dashboard
■ Abundant statistical diagram tools
■ Various analysis and display tools allow highly flexible usage and customization for an energy monitoring interface
■ Allows background image and animation input to enrich the energy dashboard
■ Auto-play function

Energy Diagnosis, Visualization and Analysis

DIAEnergie provides a rich variety of charts to view energy consumption from various perspectives. It helps users realize changes in excessive energy consumption, and finds areas for energy savings.

DIAEnergie collects data from different circuits, sub systems, equipment and meters to monitor various areas of energy consumption, such as electricity, water, fuel, gas and others, and generates easy-to read reports and displays for comprehensive energy visualization, comparison and analysis.

Energy Performance Monitoring and Analytics

Energy management

Electricity Management with Time of Use Rates

Calculates electricity costs according to electricity rates by time of day, and makes adjustments to electricity usage at peak time while reducing cost.

Standard Modbus Communication

Flexibly and quickly integrates various devices and equipment of other brands into DIAEnergie System via Modbus communication.

OPC Client

OPC Client protocol for easier communication and integration with third-party equipment and SCADA Systems.

Virtual Grouping Function

The virtual grouping function allows the system to categorize data from third-party devices such as PLC and the SCADA System, building a simpler and more transparent system structure.

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