digital power meter

DPM-DA510 / DA530

DIN-RAIL Digital Power Meter

DPM-DA510/DA530 are easy to be installed due to DIN-Rail mount feature and also have LCD display. Ideal solution for system integration in energy management purpose.

● Accurate measurement of electricity parameters
● Supports Modbus RTU protocol. Easy to be applied with SCADA and EMS
● Pulse Output indicates the energy accumulation
● 2 models for different application levels. DA510 for basic requirement like remote electricity data acquisition; DA530 is better for energy management because of capability of THD, TOU, demand, data record and so on…


Features & Benefits


  • Automatic measurement & calculation of power consumption during a specific time period
  • Multiple interval groups setting to measure power consumption at different periods of time

Pulse Output

  • DPM-DA510 / D530: Pulse output by active energy / reactive energy (import / export)
  • Frequency divider: 1 ~ 9,999
  • Pulse width: 0 ~ 5,000 ms (0 = 50% duty cycle)

Data Recording

  • User-defined time intervals for recording (Units: day / hour / min. / sec.)
  • Max. 50 parameters recording
  • Max. 16 alarm conditions and max. 16 alarms recording

Demand Calculation

  • Defines time intervals (default: 15 mins.)
  • Demand calculation methods: Sliding block / fixed block
  • Calculates the max. demand value / time in each tariff period

Automatic Wiring Correction (DPM-DA530)

  • Automatic wiring correction via algorithm to save manpower for on-site re-wiring
  • Fixes phase wiring errors and adjusts power flow direction
    * Refer to product manual for function restrictions

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