Delta DMV T Camera

3D ToF Smart Camera DMV-T Series

Delta‘s 3D ToF Smart Camera integrates imaging, depth sensing and edge computing in a compact, lightweight design, and provides quality images and accurate 3D depth information in millimeters. The Time of Flight (ToF) technology reduces the influence of ambient light and enables the DMV-T to operate in environments with very low light or high contrast lighting, and even in complete darkness.

With a built-in dual-core CPU, the DMV-T can process the image and sensing data at the edge in real-time to quickly detect object shapes and positions, increasing the efficiency and precision of VGR (Vision Guided Robot) operation.

Delta’s machine vision software DIAVision allows the DMV-T to achieve measurement, recognition and positioning for various applications, such as object detection and robot vision.

Features & Benefits
  • Fast & Accurate Imaging
    Supports 60fps frame rate, 640x480 video resolution, and 6m of the best working range to provide high-speed, real-time and continuous signal transmission for various applications
  • Real-time Data Processing
    With a built-in dual-core ARM-based processor, the DMV-T can process the images at the edge and provide <80ms detection time
  • Application Acceleration and Customization
    Delta’s machine vision software DIAVision, with its software development kit, helps developers create customized smart vision applications quickly
  • Quick Implementation & Deployment
    Complies with the GenICam interface and supports GbE PoE to simplify installation and speed up system expansion
  • Robustness & Durability
    With IP67 rating protection and meets the IEC vibration standard, reducing maintenance effort and cost

DMV T Camera


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