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For first-class Ethernet switching solutions, there is only one name you need to know: Delta Electronics in Thailand. Our Ethernet switches are currently being used to power commercial networks all over the world, facilitating complex industrial and manufacturing automation solutions in a wide variety of market sectors. With many years of industry experience, a team of highly talented designers and a world-class production team, we are able to consistently deliver the best Ethernet switches in the business, together with many other high-quality networking, telecoms and industrial/commercial automation products.

Industrial Ethernet Solutions From Delta Electronics

Whether you are looking solely for industrial Ethernet switches or a more comprehensive networking/automation solution, Delta Electronics can meet all of your needs with ease. Our Ethernet solution range includes Ethernet router, fibre transceiver and network gateways of the very highest quality, as well as both managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches. All of these components can, of course, be used in conjunction with our building and industrial automation components, as well as our telecoms, display and monitoring equipment. If you are looking to build a complete commercial networking, telecoms, embedded power and automation solution, you won’t find a better or more experienced provider than Delta Electronics in Thailand.

Individual Industrial Ethernet Components

  • Simple Yet Powerful Software Interfaces – One of the reasons our components can be found in commercial solutions across the globe is the fact they are all designed with simple yet very powerful software interfaces. For user-friendly Ethernet/LAN switch components, Delta Electronics leads the field. If you are utilising rapid/agile development methodologies to implement new solutions expeditiously, this feature of our components will be of particular interest to your organisation.
  • Advanced-Data Protection – Security is always an important concern when building complex commercial networking solutions. With this in mind, we work extremely hard to ensure that every component we produce facilitates and promotes advanced data protection strategies. If you want to implement Ethernet on switch/Ethernet to switch solutions that will enhance rather than compromise organisational security, Delta Electronics can meet your requirements. With outstanding packet protection, you can rely on our Ethernet network switches to keep your data safe.
  • Enhanced Hardware Design – Software is extremely important but even the most elegantly written routines can have their potential limited by inadequate hardware. If you want to avoid limiting your software with inferior components, you need to source them from Delta Electronics. From our Ethernet unmanaged switches and routers to our managed Ethernet switches and fibre transceivers, every component we manufacture benefits from enhanced hardware design.
  • Broad Compatibility – Our design and development team invests a great deal of time and effort into ensuring that every net switch, router and gateway we produce boasts outstanding compatibility. For companies that are keen to minimise any current or future compatibility issues when building new networking solutions, our Ethernet gigabit switches and other components are the best choice. Each and every network switch, Ethernet adapter, router, transceiver and gateway has been designed with compatibility as a top priority.

We are perhaps most well-known for our industrial Ethernet switches: whether you prefer the term LAN switch, network switch, Internet switch or Ethernet network switch, you will find a number of high-quality products of this nature in our range. We also manufacture many other associated components, including gateways, cloud routers, 3G routers, 4G routers and high-gain antennae, together with complete data acquisition/communication solutions. Across our entire range, we have focused on several core features to ensure maximum utility and performance:

The Benefits of Ethernet Switching Solutions

Whilst cellular data and Wi-Fi networks have made great advances in recent years, Ethernet is still king when it comes to latency, capacity and speed. Every product we make – from a simple 5 port Ethernet switch or 8-port Ethernet switch, all the way up to total data acquisition solutions, is designed to help you squeeze every last ounce of performance from your commercial network.

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