Advanced DMCNET Motion Control Card

The PCI-DMC-B01 motion control card provides 2 groups of real-time Capture and Compare functions for high-speed pulse capture and output to latch and detect a reference position which can be signals from a CCD camera, main encoders, or pulse train. By using the DLL dynamic link library, users can perform a pulse compare to remotely trigger the camera shutter and take pictures in equally spaced or unequally spaced pulse positions at a set time interval.

Features & Benefits
  • Acts as a DMCNET master to extend connection with more servo systems and I/O modules and control the whole system more effectively
  • Controlling up to 12 stations that enable a 12-axis motion control
  • Communication can be completed by 1ms cycle time
  • Supports 2 groups of real-time Capture and Compare functions

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