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Dedicating in innovation and sustainability, Delta Controls has developed a complete range of native BACnet products that have made them an industry leader for over 30 years. The latet release of O3 edge controller and IoT Red5 platform has also proved that Delta Controls will remain as an industry leader for the building digitization era to come.

Delta Controls

Application Controller

  • The enteliZONE Fan Coil Controller uses the speed of pre-built, configurable algorithms to save you time during installation. With universal outputs and your choice of TRIAC or on-board relays, enteliZONE Fan Coil Controllers give you the flexibility to tackle a variety of applications.
  • DACs are fully programmable, native BACnet controllers that come in a variety of capabilities and I/O configurations to fit the needs of every project. DACs are available in RS-485 or Ethernet or PoE, allowing for economical and fast networks at every level of your system.
  • Delta Controls VAV Controllers are the smart choice for any VAV project. With integrated multiple choice of actuators and I/O options, DVCs are the fully programmable solution for any VAV configuration. Use DVC PoE models to simplify your network, reduce wiring costs and get more data from your system.
Lighting Control

Lighting Control

The DLS incorporates our Delta Lighting Controller with a selection of relays factory installed into a protective cabinet. The DLS can contain modules that add functionality such as a keypad lighting interface or light dimming.
Room cognition

Room Integration

With a top-down view from the center of the room, the O3 Sensor Hub detects motion, sound, light, and temperature with new levels of accuracy. With a complete sensor package, O3 provides your BAS with the data it needs to make economical and occupant-friendly decisions. The O3 HUB is available as a companion device to our O3 Room Controller and is also available as a standalone device.
Access Control

Access Control

When the O3 Access module is added to the O3 system, Delta's building automation system is extended by integrating seamlessly with Delta Controls HVAC and Lighting applications. This gives you total control over your room, from the doors to the blinds and lights, there's nothing you can't control. Our access system is capable of handling 50,000 users for large multi-site managment and enrollment.


  • enteliZONE Network Sensor comes with fully customizable faceplates and button layout, the eZNS provides you with the flexibility to manage the unique requirements of your building. Notify your users of alerts with configurable colors and customize the interface layout to streamline your occupant experience.
  • enteliZONE Network Thermostats reaches beyond the expectations of standard, network thermostat while remaining focused on cost-effectiveness. Fully programmable and with customizable button overlays, RGB backlighting, and NFC set-up, the eZNT provides the dependable, onboard control you expect from a Delta Controls thermostat. The eZNT provides options for analog outputs or FET relay outputs.
System Controller

System Controller

  • The enteliBUS Control System is a powerful, fully programmable BACnet controller that features modular, expandable I/O up to over 300 points. enteliBUS has hot-swappable I/O modules for fast and easy installation. With HAO switches, save your equipment from short cycling and make troubleshooting a breeze. Use enteliBUS as a BACnet router or join multiple network segments.
  • DSCs are perfect for controlling critical equipment such as air-handling units or hydronic systems. DSCs provide programming flexibility and include features such as memory backup and a battery-backed, real-time clock.

Touch Screen

Get instant access to the heart of your BAS. The enteliTOUCH has a 7-inch, high-resolution display that serves as an interface to your building. Use it as your primary interface for smaller facilities or as an on-the-spot access point for larger systems. The intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface gives instant access to manage your BAS.


Manage your facilities from anywhere. Use enteliWEB to centralize your building management operation and collect real-time data about energy use in your facilities. Take action with easy-to-use facility management tools and customizable dashboards for all users. With enteliWEB, the power of your smart building is at your fingertips.

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