Delta Automates Tire Cord Processing with an Integrated Drive, Control and Robot Solution

When tires are mentioned most of us think of ‘rubber products.’ You might be surprised at the complexity of a tire, in which the ratio of rubber is far less than expected. Looked at from the outside, a tire can be divided into the tread, the shoulder, the sidewall, and more. Beneath the tread are also multiple layers of rubber, textile, steel belts and rims that provide an ideal balance of rigidity and flexibility.

The textile and the rubber layers are cut at a certain angle into a proper length and width, and spliced with a precise length of overlapping area. This process requires high precision and consistent quality as any errors may lead to cosmetic defects and even bulges that prevent the tire from holding air. Traditionally, this is performed by experts and relies heavily on experience. Even though cutting and splicing machines have been introduced, human resources are still required for quality control throughout the process.

To automate this process with the best quality, Delta has developed a cutting and splicing solution for a customer in northern China. After feeding the materials, the system cuts the rubber layer at an exact angle and width. Afterwards, the robot receives position information and splices the plies. Finally, the plies with the same angle and width are rolled up and collected.

This solution adopts Delta’s industrial automation products to build integrated systems. For the drive and control system, the Delta Programmable Logic Controller DVP Series works with the Delta AC Servo System ASDA-A2 and ASDA-B2 Series to achieve excellent positioning and vibration suppression capabilities. The solution also leverages the Delta Standard Compact Drive MS300 Series to provide high starting torque and flexible space arrangement. The robotic system integrates the Delta SCARA Robot DRS80L Series and Delta Machine Vision DMV Series for fast and precise positioning.

Delta’s tire cord cutting and splicing solution brings customers the following benefits:

  • One-stop solution for holistic integration and easy maintenance

The whole solution adopts Delta’s industrial automation products to ensure smooth operation and provide dedicated configurations that fit the needs of different processes better. Maintenance is also easier since the customer does not need to negotiate with various manufacturers.

  • Smart software integrates the robot and machine vision system

Delta’s smart positioning and assembly software integrates the robot control and machine vision system for faster positioning and easy tuning. The integrated system also combines linear and matched positioning to enhance accuracy.

  • Smart processing system provides higher efficiency and productivity

The automatic cutting and splicing solution allows a customer to put human resources into processes delivering higher value without compromising processing quality. In addition, the solution enables better product variability with the project management function.

Delta’s tire cord cutting and splicing solution leverages the company’s complete product portfolio to build a well-integrated system. The solution not only provides stable and precise performance, but enables product variability with project management to further enhance competitiveness for the customer.


Delta develops a tire cord cutting and splicing solution for a customer in northern China to process tire plies with precision and consistent quality.

The solution adopts Delta SCARA Robot DRS80L Series, which delivers high repeatability. The robot is integrated with the Delta Machine Vision System DMV Series for faster and more precise positioning.

The solution employs well-integrated drive and control system to achieve smooth operation. From left to right: Delta AC Servo System ASDA-A2 Series and ASDA-B2 Series, Delta Standard Compact Drive MS300 Series, and Delta Programmable Logic Controller DVP Series.

23 Febuary 2022