Delta Cellophane Packaging Machine Solution Enhances Control of Speed and Precision

With the progress of science and technology, cellophane has become a common packing material for our daily goods. Cellophane offers protective packaging for commercial products such as medicine, snacks, cosmetics, and electronics. As the holiday season is around the corner, the demand for gifts, which are often products wrapped in cellophane, is growing rapidly. This busy time of the year puts production pressure on the cellophane packaging industry.

Precision and speed are the two critical criteria of the cellophane packaging process required to meet the market’s demand for product quality and quantity. When demand grows, manufacturers raise the speed of their production lines. Often during high-speed operation, a machine may experience slippage and cause film jams that lead to cutting deviations. This is a pain point for manufacturers trying to satisfy quality and quantity at the same time. If they insist on raising quantity, deviations can sabotage quality, while on the other hand, if they insist on top-quality, the required production amount can’t be met.

To help cellophane packagers with this pain point, Delta offers the Cellophane Packaging Machine Solution. The solution is built with Delta’s industrial control products that enable the production line to speed up while maintaining high-quality control. Delta’s Cellophane Packaging Machine Solution can apply different settings for different sizes of products being packed. With the assistance of Delta’s new heat shrinking machine and collecting machine, the solution can achieve higher productivity, better product appearance and value, while saving operational costs.

Delta’s Cellophane Packaging Machine Solution employs the Standard Compact Drive MS300 Series to ensure that feeding system motors deliver the film at a more stable speed, and exclude possible cutting deviations caused by slippage or jamming. For the later wrapping phase, the solution includes the AC Servo Drive ASDA-B3-E Series and the Servo Motor ECMA Series that acquire feedback information from the motors’ end and make real-time speed command adjustments to achieve more precise speed control in comparison with the film-feeding phase. The solution is equipped with the Extended Motion Controller DXMC-P Series which supports industrial communication protocols such as Modbus and EtherCAT. It serves as the brain of the whole system and integrates all information and command functions onto one single panel for a manager to effortlessly control the production line.


Delta’s Cellophane Packaging Machine Solution brings the following benefits:

  • Advanced Integrated Motion Controller
    Delta’s Cellophane Packaging Machine Solution applies the Extended Motion Controller DXMC-P Series to combine a touch screen displayer and motion controller in one unit. It significantly simplifies the mechanical structure and wiring. On the other hand, compared with conventional pulse controllers that require users to single-handedly convert between pulse and metric feeding length, Delta’s Extended Motion Controller DXMC-P Series offers a dedicated software DMARS to automatically convert the motor unit to millimeters for easier operation.
  • High-precision Control Architecture
    The high-speed Digital Input (DI) feature of the AC Servo Drive ASDA-B3-E Series triggers the Capture function for film position compensation. With EtherCAT bus transmission, the solution reduces the response time to meet the high-speed and high precision requirements. At the end of the bus, there is the Remote I/O Module - R2-EC0902D0 to support complex commands coming from the motion controller
  • Compact Vector Control Drive
    Delta’s Cellophane Packaging Machine Solution is equipped with the Standard Compact Drive MS300 Series to stabilize the film-feeding motors with powerful low-frequency load torque. It supports various communication protocols and is highly compatible with all kinds of motors. The new compact design enables agile and efficient installation.
  • Highly Efficient and Stable Production
    The packaging speed of the Cellophane Packaging Machine Solution can reach 90 packs per minute with a deviation rate of only ±0.5mm when the pack length is 200mm.

Delta’s Cellophane Packaging Machine Solution does not only solve the material jamming and feeding deviation problems at the feeding end of the production line, it further optimizes the packing quality via the all-in-one motion controller, which makes the process easy and efficient.


Delta’s Cellophane Packaging Machine Solution applies the Extended Motion Controller DXMC-P Series (left) to combine info displaying and motion controlling into one. It is equipped with the Standard Compact Drive MS300 Series (right), the AC Servo Drive ASDA-B3-E Series (second from right), and the Servo Motor ECMA Series (second from left), with EtherCAT bus transmission to satisfy the need for both speed and precision.

08 Febuary 2022