Advanced Manufacturing BU Introduces a New Generation Smart Insertion Machine, the DI-S20 Series

Auto-Calibration and Quick Insertion to Enhance Production Quality

AMBU introduced its second generation Insertion Machine, the DI-S20 Series, at a launch event on May 28th. The new series shortens insertion time by 20% and enhances performance by upgrading auto-calibration, vision, stability, motion control, and clamping technologies.

During the event, AMBU showcased 8 insertion machine hosts and 3 types of feeders. With its modular design, the DI-S20 Series is capable of satisfying a variety of needs.

5 Technology Upgrades to Enhance Performance

Auto Calibration:

Supports offline programming and can create coordinates of upper/lower vision and tool calibration to simplify the tuning process.

● Vision Technology:

Adopts self-developed light module and machine vision technologies to achieve vision alignment with AI and AOI.

● Stability Technology:

Auto feeding and insertion status detection improves stability.

● Motion Control Technology:

Adopts motion buffer and high-speed transmission technology to increase insertion speed by 20%.

● Clamping Technology:

Rich array of clamping tools for various requirements improve quality and shorten lead time.

24 Models with Modular Design Fulfill Various Requirements

Customized machine with a one-side feeding host and the needed modules below.

● Conveyor Module:

Triple-Strand Belt / Chain

● Jacking Module:

Jacking / Bending

● Base Module:

750mm / 900mm height

All 3 types of Vertical-type Tape, Horizontal-type Tape, and Tray Feeders employ the following smart features:

● Smart ID:

Quickly identifies the anomaly feeders

● Smart Alarm:

Notifies before parts run out

● Quick adjustment:

Provides tools for quick adjustment

● Compatibility:

Supports the previous generation and machines from other brands


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29 June 2021