Delta Showcases the Latest Solutions in Industrial, Power and Building Automation at AUTOMEX Malaysia 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 15-18, 2019 – Delta Energy Systems (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., presented power management, industrial and building automation solutions at AUTOMEX Malaysia 2019. AUTOMEX is one of the leading automation and technology exhibitions in the ASEAN region that features local and international automation companies held at Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC).

At this exhibition, Delta highlighted the Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm Demo (SCARA). The highly customizable and versatile robotic arm addresses labor shortage issues, increases productivity and response capacity in high precision manufacturing.

Delta SCARA becomes a highly integrated workstation for industries when it is connected to control units, servo systems, machine vision systems and linear modules. Delta SCARA has successfully improved its customers’ production line efficiency, yield rates and quality delivery for the following industry and applications:

Industry: Electrical/electronics, rubber and plastic, packaging and metal fabrication

Applications: Insertion, screw driving, assembly, glue dispensing, coating, soldering, load and unload, pick  and place, stacking, packaging and inspection

Another highlight at the event is the Delta PAC platform. This industrial automation solution provides high reliability, integrated network communication capability, and high-end motion control functions which are ideal for advanced automation machining. The platform is also responsive, precise and attached with multi-axis motion control through EtherCAT and DMCNET communication that makes operation easy and flexible.

The event was also an opportunity for Delta to display Loytec’s fully IP-based IoT management platform. Loytec L-INX Automation Servers and L-ROC Room Controllers can manage and integrate the corresponding subsystem in highly efficient ways.

For power solutions, Delta displayed its Static Var Generator, Active Power Filter and Modulon DPH500 Series uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS) that provide optimized energy efficiency and stable power supply in buildings or factories.

As an industrial automation and power products and solutions provider, Delta leverages its core competencies in power management to develop best-in-class energy-saving, power protection and power quality for the manufacturing industry.

18 May 2019