Delta Showcases Smart Factory Solutions to Improve Performance and Energy Efficiency at Manufacturing Indonesia 2019

Jakarta, Indonesia December 4-7, 2019–Delta, a global provider of power and thermal management solutions, showcased its automated and energy-efficient solutions for smart factory operations at Manufacturing Indonesia 2019 held in Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran. Highlighted solutions included a Smart Servo Press Machine and an original Automated Button Making Machine for the garment industry. Manufacturers explored Delta’s highlights and showcases to discover the benefits of connectivity, energy management and controls solutions for smart factory processes and operations.

Mr. Johnny Tam, Delta Senior Business Development Director, said, “It’s definitely the right time for automation in Indonesia.  More and more of our customers across the region are experiencing the advantages of automation in their workplaces with improved productivity and quality while seeing a big reduction in waste, errors and operating costs. As a result of increased safety and reliability they can enjoy an impressive return on investment.”
Industrialists from around the world visited the Delta Booth No C-7401, to explore the latest smart factory products on display. The Smart Servo Press Machine and Automated Button Making Machine product demonstrations highlighted how automation can improve production quality and efficiency while reducing human error and process time.

For smart factory production processes, Delta displayed its Pick and Pack Solution, Packaging Solution, Green Daily Counter Solution which combine the companies own broad portfolio of industrial automation products including industrial robots, servo motors, compact to heavy-duty drives, industrial network converter, power meters, various Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Human-Machine Interface (HMI).

To give operators precise and flexible control, Delta has smart green manufacturing software including the DIA Smart Factory IoT Solution that integrates with motion control systems, machine vision systems and communication devices for integrated factory control. Delta also showcased its wide range of Industrial Power Supplies that guarantee reliable and energy-efficient power for machinery and facilities in the industrial ecosystem.

Delta’s Exhibition Highlights at Manufacturing Indonesia 2019

 Product Demonstrations
Automated Button Making Machine Demo: Features the high-speed, flexible and scalable IPC Motion Platform for HMI and PLC software programming eliminating the need for an additional PLC. The platform integrated with a motion controller, servo solution, actuator and linear motor gives manufacturers simple, flexible and precise control with lower costs.

• Smart Servo Press Machine Demo: A high-performance and energy-saving machine with no traditional press parts (e.g. flywheel, pneumatic cylinder, press motor, clutch etc.). Delta’s press solution uses AC servo motors to propel a low-backlash ball screw and press punch, along with sensor and control devices, with precise load adjustment and high-repeatability processing quality.

Smart Manufacturing
• Smart Factory Solution: Gives users 360-degree monitoring of manufacturing and factory operations by combining Delta’s DIAView SCADA system, for production equipment and factory facility operation data monitoring, and DIAEnergie Energy Management System for overall factory energy usage management.

• Smart Factory Process Solutions and Power: Delta’s automation products include AC motor drives, AC servo drives, PLC, HMI, machine vision systems and temperature controllers. Delta integrates its products and with energy management and production line visualization and management interfaces for customer to use in elevators, HVAC, lighting and power quality.

Industrial Power Supplies
• Medical Industrial Power Supply: The MEG-A configurable power supply series is designed for use in both medical and industrial applications and supports up to 4 isolated outputs for maximum 1.2kW. The MEG-2K1A6 can accommodate 6 isolated outputs for maximum 2.1kW. These products can be configured for output voltages ranging from 2Vdc to 60Vdc.

• The CliQ VA DIN rail power supply series with LCD display: This power supply has an LCD display for output current, output voltage, peak hold current, lifetime expectancy and ambient temperature data. This high power density product is designed according to major industrial safety standards.

• Delta PJU open frame power supply series with integrated DC-UPS function: The PJU models will switch to battery operation (batteries not included) without any interruption in the event of power disruption or unexpected loss of AC input power.


04 December 2019