Delta Showcases Industrial Automation and Smart City Solutions for More Productivity and Energy Efficiency at ITAP 2019

Singapore, October 22, 2019 – Delta, a global provider of power and thermal management solutions, showcased its unique ecosystem of intelligent and energy-efficient solutions for Industry 4.0 manufacturing, connectivity and green smart city living at the Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP) 2019, a Hannover Messe event. Delta’s showcase highlights the benefits to customers who leverage its DIACloud platform cloud-based Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for remote connectivity, energy management and controls solutions for smart factory operations. Its sustainable solutions also help customers have more energy-efficient and productive businesses while enjoying safer, more connected lifestyles.

Mr. Jackie Chang, Vice President of Delta Electronics Southeast Asia and India, said, “Delta solutions address the needs of global mega trends and address the key issues of security, livability and efficiency that we expect in the smart city. We are also leveraging Delta Smart Manufacturing to help manufacturers across the region seize opportunities to boost their performance and meet increasing demands from their global customers.”

Visitors to Delta’s booth experienced smart manufacturing through exploring an interactive display of Delta’s broad portfolio of industrial automation products integrated as the DIA smart factory IoT solution. The product panel included routers, machine vision systems, drives and controls used for automated production and building operations. Visitors could even enjoy a cup of coffee prepared by Delta’s 6-axis articulated robot arm barista and a Crown Coffee machine.

At the smart city zone, Delta presented its IoT-based Building Management Platform that enables green buildings with smart and eco-friendly of HVAC, lighting, elevators, surveillance equipment. This comprehensive system leverages the technologies of the Delta subsidiaries LOYTEC and Delta Controls which boast compatibility with all building control open protocols including BACNet, DALI, KNX, Modbus, EnOcean, OPC and LonMark. In addition, Delta’s Vivitek projectors and Novotouch display products combine to make work and home life more efficient, comfortable and enjoyable.

Delta also showcased its energy infrastructure solutions that support the global mega-trends of Electric Vehicles (EV) and energy storage. The small footprint and high power of Delta’s 7.36kW AC Mini Plus EV Charger makes it a perfect choice for charging at home and work. The Li-ion battery energy storage system with Delta’s own power conditioning system and Modulon DPH500 Series uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a backup for mission-critical commercial and industrial applications such as data centers, factories and hospitals.

Another key highlight at the show is an MOU signing on October 24 between Delta and JTC Corporation, a Singaporean state-owned real estate company and statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry headquartered in Jurong, Singapore. The MOU will further Delta’s collaboration with JTC Corporation to accelerate Industry 4.0 adoption among SMEs and JTC customers while developing world-class industrial automation training in the country. 

Delta welcomes visitors to its exhibition site at ITAP 2019, located at Hall 3, Stand 3A18, from October 22- 24. During the tradeshow, Delta’s industrial automation and building automation experts will give presentations and guided tours of the company’s products and solutions.

Delta’s Exhibition Highlights at ITAP 2019

Smart Manufacturing
• Smart Factory Solutions: Combines Delta’s software systems based on IIoT and cloud platform to facilitate a 360-degree monitoring view of manufacturing and factory operations. The systems highlighted include: DIAView SCADA system for production equipment and factory facility operation data monitoring; and DIAEnergie Energy Management System for overall factory energy usage management.

• HVAC System Solution: Fully integrates Delta’s AC motor drives to control multiple fans and pumps enhancing efficiency. It uses programmable logic controllers and human machine interfaces for system operation control and has power meters for energy consumption data monitoring and collection to create a highly efficient, energy-saving total solution for HVAC systems.

• Robotic Arm Coffee Machine Demo: Showcases Delta’s fully automated 6-axis robot, housed on a cart, that works with a machine by smart IoT cafe Crown Coffee to make coffee five times faster than any human barista and with consistently high quality coffee. With Delta’s robot helping to make great coffee every time, baristas can focus their energy on engaging and enhancing customers’ experiences. Robotics, IOT, and AI work hand-in-hand to migrate human resources from mundane tasks to service with a unique human touch. This demo offers a glimpse the future landscape where robots and humans co-exist and complement each other to create quality customer experiences. 

Smart City
• Building Automation Solutions:
Room Automation System: Delta Controls O3 series, including room controllers and sensors, is a human-centric intelligent sensing and control solution. The O3 Room Controller combines modular I/O with room-level integration and is a complete solution that combines HVAC, access and lighting control in a modular system. The O3 Sensor Hub provides an all-in-one sensor solution for HVAC, access, lighting, sound, and motion to deliver an enhanced occupant experience.

Smart Street Lighting: In addition to providing bright, low energy lighting, Delta Smart Street Lighting Solutions combine an environment sensor, a surveillance camera, an EV charger and a display screen all on one pole. This multi-faceted solution is an asset to any private or public space. It can measure the air quality, provide the assurance of security surveillance and act as a power supply for EVs. It also shares information and data about air quality and an EV’s charging status via its display screen.

Smart Surveillance: VIVOTEK’s Fisheye Camera boasts CMOS light sensor technology and 12-megapixel resolution to provide optimum video imaging quality, both with 180° or 360° degrees depending on the installation parameters. This makes it ideal for large-crowd venues requiring high security standards such as airports, shopping malls and office complexes.

 Power Supplies
Medical Industrial Power Supply: The MEG-A configurable power supply series is designed for use in both medical and industrial applications and supports up to 4 isolated outputs for maximum 1.2kW. The MEG-2K1A6 can accommodate 6 isolated outputs for maximum 2.1kW. These products can be configured for output voltages ranging from 2Vdc to 60Vdc.

The CliQ VA DIN rail power supply series with LCD display: This power supply has an LCD display for output current, output voltage, peak hold current, lifetime expectancy and ambient temperature data. This high power density product is designed according to major industrial safety standards.

Delta PJU open frame power supply series with integrated DC-UPS function: The PJU models will switch to battery operation (batteries not included) without any interruption in the event of power disruption or unexpected loss of AC input power.

• Communication & Information Solutions
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) DPH 500: A modular three-phase UPS system which provides the ultimate MW power protection with fully rated power and industry-leading power density of 50kW in a 3U module.

Lithium Battery: UBR series for UPS with DC connection, output power up to 450kW and capacity up to 62.1kWh. With double the life and simpler maintenance compared to traditional batteries, Delta’s lithium-ion battery offers users best total cost of ownership (TCO) and battery management.

• Energy Infrastructure
AC Mini Plus EV Charger: An installation-friendly EV charger with a small, simple and smart design that offers Type-1 and Type-2 charging interfaces. The charger’s IP55 and IK08 casing can adapt to indoor and outdoor environments and integrates with backend system making perfect for residential and workplace applications.

PV Inverter: The state-of-the-art M20A PV inverter has up to 20kW capacity for commercial applications and boasts leading energy efficiency up to 98.3% making it suitable for both rooftop and ground-mounted PV systems. 

Power Conditioning System: A backbone of a microgrid that provides bi-directional energy storage inverter for grid-tied and off-grid applications including power backup, peak shaving, load shifting, PV self-consumption and PV smoothing. It demonstrates industry leading power performance with high power efficiency and low stand-by power loss.

Energy Storage System: This solution leverages Delta’s lithium-ion battery technology and integrates Delta’s own power and thermal management solutions for excellent energy efficiency and reliability. The containerized solution offers MWh-level large-scale yet modular energy storage to enhance and smoothen the balance between the electricity grid and renewable energy sources.

 Projection and Display
Vivitek projectors: Delta company-Vivitek, offers a broad range of projection solutions to fulfill a wide range of personal, educational and professional applications. From pocket size projectors to large venue projectors, Vivitek’s portfolio offers robust features and innovations, such as 3D technology and is available in a range of short-throw and ultra-short-throw projectors.

NovoTouch touchscreen: An interactive flat panel display solution that stretches from wireless collaboration and touch interaction to digital signage and easy management features for offices and classrooms. With a complete range of display sizes including 86”, 75” and 65” Ultra HD 4K (3,840 x 2,160) resolution, NovoTouch offers users outstanding details and stunning visuals screens. Its LED backlit technology enables brighter picture, longer life and lower energy cost.


22 October 2019