Delta Promotes Indoor Air Quality Solutions at ACAT Seminar 2019

Bangkok, Thailand, August 7, 2019- Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. promoted its innovative Indoor Air Quality Solution, to protect Bangkok residents from air pollution and improve customer quality of life, at the Air Conditioning Engineering Association of Thailand (ACAT) Academic Seminar. As an association member, Delta joined the seminar at Swissotel Bangkok Ratchada to display its Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions and speak under the seminar topic-Tackling PM2.5.

In his presentation, Mr. Pasakorn Thamwittayakorn, Delta Senior Business Development Manager Fan and Thermal Management Business, highlighted how Delta’s Indoor Air Quality Solution leverages High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters in its Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) to supply PM2.5-free fresh air for family members in every room of the home. Homeowners can also use the ERV with exhaust fans powered by leading DC motor technology to remove dirty air quietly from inside the house.

HEPA filters in Delta’s ERV use interception, impact and diffusion methods to filter out PM2.5 at a rate of 97%. The ERV features Delta’s heat-exchanger core technology which pre-cools air while keeping moisture in to reduce air temperature and humidity by up to 6°C and 16% respectively. This technology can help save up to 30% of the energy used for air conditioning. In addition, the DC motor exhaust fans have a silent operation design to offer homeowners peaceful relaxation.

Delta’s innovative technology to overcome pollution and energy ventilation challenges attracted strong interest from both homeowners and property developers alike. Seminar participants visited Delta’s booth to explore Delta’s IAQ products including the Wall-mount type ERV and Fresh Air Supply Fan. These products combine with Delta’s energy-efficient DC brushless ventilation fans to create Indoor Air Quality solutions for the home or office.

The non-profit organization ACAT brings air conditioning-related professionals together to improve indoor air quality by sharing knowledge and creating industry standards for air conditioning engineering. ACAT is renowned among developers and contractors in Thailand and the main supporter for RHVAC industry event. 

As a solution provider proactively tackling Thailand’s pollution crisis, Delta promotes its energy-saving and efficient ventilation solutions to support more healthy lifestyles for customers. Delta’s indoor air quality solutions enrich lives and deliver on its brand promise: Smarter. Greener. Together.

23 August 2019